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2002Welfare and Labor Earnings: An Evaluation of the Financial Gains to WorkGurgand, Marc; Margolis, David N.
2005Does Work Pay in France? : Monetary Incentives and the Guaranteed Minimum IncomeGurgand, Marc; Margolis, David N.
2005Counseling the unemployed: does it lower unemployment duration and recurrence?Crépon, Bruno; Dejemeppe, Muriel; Gurgand, Marc
2009Sample attrition bias in randomized experiments: a tale of two surveysBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc; Le Barbanchon, Thomas
2012Private and public provision of counseling to job-seekers: Evidence from a large controlled experimentBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc
2012Please call again: Correcting non-response bias in treatment effect modelsBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc; Le Barbanchon, Thomas
2013Robustness of the Encouragement Design in a Two-Treatment Randomized Control TrialBehaghel, Luc; Crépon, Bruno; Gurgand, Marc
2014Adjusting Your Dreams? The Effect of School and Peers on Dropout BehaviourGoux, Dominique; Gurgand, Marc; Maurin, Eric
2022The Making of Civic Virtues: A School-Based Experiment in Three CountriesBriole, Simon; Gurgand, Marc; Maurin, Eric; McNally, Sandra; Ruiz-Valenzuela, Jenifer; Santín, Daniel
2023When Effective Teacher Training Falls Short in the Classroom: Evidence from an Experiment in Primary SchoolsBellue, Suzanne; Bouguen, Adrien; Gurgand, Marc; Munier, Valerie; Tricot, André