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1990 The Term Structure of Interest Rates: Departures from Time-Separable Expected UtilityGregory, Allan W.; Voss, Graham M.
1990 Realistic Cross-Country Consumption Correlations in a Two-Country, Equilibrium, Business Cycle ModelDevereux, Michael B.; Gregory, Allan W.; Smith, Gregor W.
1990 Accounting for Forward Rates in Markets for Foreign CurrencyBackus, David K.; Gregory, Allan W.; Telmer, Chris I.
1991 Calibration in MacroeconomicsGregory, Allan W.; Smith, Gregor W.
1991 Testing for Cointegration in Linear Quadratic ModelsGregory, Allan W.
1991 Testing for Structural BreaksGregory, Allan W.; Nason, James M.
1994 Measuring World Business CyclesGregory, Allan W.; Head, Allen C.; Raynauld, Jacques
1994 Measuring Business Cycles with Business-Cycle ModelsGregory, Allan W.; Smith, Gregor W.
1995 Sources of Variation in International Real Interest RatesGregory, Allan W.; Watt, David G.
1995 Business cycle theory and econometricsGregory, Allan W.; Smith, Gregor W.
1996 Common and Country-specific Fluctuations in Productivity, Investment, and the Current AccountGregory, Allan W.; Head, Allen C.
2001 Information-theoretic estimation of preference parameters: Macroeconomic applications and simulation evidenceGregory, Allan W.; Lamarche, Jean-Francois; Smith, Gregor W.
2008 Empirical likelihood block bootstrappingAllen, Jason; Gregory, Allan W.; Shimotsu, Katsumi
2008 Empirical Likelihood Block BootstrappingAllen, Jason; Gregory, Allan W.; Shimotsu, Katsumi