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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Agricultural commodities and processed products ratio in the Romanian international agrifood tradeGavrilescu, Camelia
2015 Romanian agri-food trade with the new member states (nms-13) of the EU: A comparative analysisGavrilescu, Camelia
2015 Use of maximum entropy in estimating production risks in crop farmsKevorchian, Cristian; Gavrilescu, Camelia
2016 An analysis of the Romanian agri-food international trade expansion during the post-accession periodGavrilescu, Camelia; Kevorchian, Cristian
2017 Romanian agrifood trade with the Mediterranean countries: From the Barcelona declaration to the Euro-Mediterranean partnershipGavrilescu, Camelia; Mateoc-Sîrb, Nicoleta; Mateoc, Teodor
2018 The Romanian agri-food trade: In a permanent deficit? An analysis of the last two decadesGavrilescu, Camelia
2018 The impact of new tax policies in semi-subsistence agriculture in the period 2013-2017Toma, Camelia; Gavrilescu, Camelia
2019 An analysis of the trade balance for the main agri-food productsGavrilescu, Camelia
2019 A framework to assess the resilience of farming systemsMeuwissen, Miranda P.M.; Feindt, Peter H.; Spiegel, Alisa; Termeer, Catrien J.A.M.; Mathijs, Erik; de Mey, Yann; Finger, Robert; Balmann, Alfons; Wauters, Erwin; Urquhart, Julie; Vigani, Mauro; Zawalińska, Katarzyna; Herrera, Hugo; Nicholas-Davies, Phillipa; Hansson, Helena; Paas, Wim; Slijper, Thomas; Coopmans, Isabeau; Vroege, Willemijn; Ciechomska, Anna; Accatino, Francesco; Kopainsky, Birgit; Poortvliet, P. Marijn; Candel, Jeroen J.L.; Maye, Damian; Severini, Simone; Senni, Saverio; Soriano, Bárbara; Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan; Peneva, Mariya; Gavrilescu, Camelia; Reidsma, Pytrik
2020 How do stakeholders perceive the sustainability and resilience of EU farming systems?Reidsma, Pytrik; Meuwissen, Miranda; Accatino, Francesco; Appel, Franziska; Bardaji, Isabel; Coopmans, Isabeau; Gavrilescu, Camelia; Heinrich, Florian; Krupin, Vitaliy; Manevska-Tasevska, Gordana; Peneva, Mariya; Rommel, Jens; Severini, Simone; Soriano, Bárbara; Urquhart, Julie; Zawalińska, Katarzyna; Paas, Wim