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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Revenue Motives and Trade Liberalization in an Endogenous Tariff ModelGang, Ira N.
1996 Unemployment and Attitudes Towards Foreigners in the European Union: A Statistical AnalysisGang, Ira N.; Rivera-Batiz, Francisco
1996 Trade Protection in India: Economics vs. Politics?Gang, Ira N.; Pandey, Mihir
1996 Who Matters Most? The Effect of Parent's Schooling on Children's SchoolingGang, Ira N.
1997 Schooling, Parents and CountryGang, Ira N.
1997 Schooling, Parents and CountryGang, Ira N.
1997 Published and Realized Tariffs: the Weak LinkGang, Ira N.; Pandey, Mihir
1997 What Difference Does a Country Make? Earnings by Soviets in the Soviet Union and in the United StatesGang, Ira N.; Stuart, Robert C.
1997 A Comparison of Sales TaxesGang, Ira N.; Das-Gupta, Arindam
1998 Temporary Migrants From Egypt: How Long Do They Stay Abroad?Gang, Ira N.; Bauer, Thomas K.
1998 Returns to Returning: Who Went Abroad and What Does it Matter?Co, Catherine Y.; Yun, Myeong-Su; Gang, Ira N.
1998 Mobility Where Mobility is Illegal: Migration and City Growth in the Soviet UnionGang, Ira N.; Stuart, Robert C.
1998 Foreign Aid and Fiscal Behavior in a Bounded Rathionality Model: Different Policy RegimesGang, Ira N.; Khan, Haider Ali
1998 Decomposing Revenue Effects of Tax Evasion, Base Broadening and Tax Rate ReductionGang, Ira N.; Das-Gupta, Arindam
1998 Corruption, Tax Evasion and the Laffer CurveGang, Ira N.; Sanyal, Amal; Goswami, Omkar
1998 What Was Protected? Measuring India's Tariff Barriers 1968-1992Gang, Ira N.; Pandey, Mihir
1998 Value Added Tax Evasion, Auditing and Transactions MatchingGang, Ira N.; Das-Gupta, Arindam
1999 Is Child like Parent? Educational Attainment and Ethnic OriginGang, Ira N.; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1999 Immigrants and Unemployment in the European Community: From the Eyes of NativesGang, Ira N.; Rivera-Batiz, Francisco L.; Yun, Myeong-Su
1999 Siblings, Their Sex Composition and Educational Attainment in GermanyBauer, Thomas; Gang, Ira N.