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1999Retail Price Levels and Concentrations of Wholesalers, Retailers and HypermarketsAsplund, Marcus; Friberg, Richard
2000Variability and avrage profits: Does Oi's result generalize?Friberg, Richard; Martensen, Kaj
2000E-commerce and prices: Theory and evidenceFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias; Sandström, Mikael
2001Micro Foundations of Macroeconomic Price Adjustment: Survey Evidence from Swedish FirmsApel, Mikael; Friberg, Richard; Hallsten, Kerstin
2001Pricing Strategies in E-Commerce: Bricks vs. ClicksFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias; Sandström, Mikael
2001Endogenous market segmentation and the law of one priceFriberg, Richard; Martensen, Kaj
2003Common Currency, Common Market?Friberg, Richard
2003Bottled Water - A Case of Pointless Trade?Friberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2005Demand and distance: Evidence on cross-border shoppingAsplund, Marcus; Friberg, Richard; Wilander, Fredrik
2005Reciprocal Dumping with Bertrand CompetitionFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2005Reciprocal dumping with Bertrand competitionFriberg, Richard; Ganslandt, Mattias
2007Price setting transactions and the role of denominating currency in FX marketsFriberg, Richard; Wilander, Fredrik
2008Getting a Better Price: Strategic Behaviour before Changes in Ownership of Corporate AssetsFriberg, Richard; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars
2008Privatization, Investment and Ownership EfficiencyFriberg, Richard; Norbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars
2016Pass-Through By Multiproduct FirmsRomahn, André; Friberg, Richard