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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Contracts and Inequity AversionEnglmaier, Florian; Wambach, Achim
2004 The Chopstick Auction: A Study of the Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit AuctionsOnderstal, Sander; Englmaier, Florian; Guillen, Pablo; Llorente, Loreto; Sausgruber, Rupert
2005 Optimal incentive contracts under inequity aversionEnglmaier, Florian; Wambach, Achim
2006 A model of strategic delegation in contests between groupsBrandauer, Stefan; Englmaier, Florian
2006 Information, coordination, and the industrialization of countriesEnglmaier, Florian; Reisinger, Markus
2006 The chopstick auction: a study of the exposure problem in multi-unit auctionsEnglmaier, Florian; Guillén, Pablo; Llorente, Loreto; Onderstal, Sander; Sausgruber, Rupert
2006 Information, Coordination, and the Industrialization of CountriesEnglmaier, Florian; Reisinger, Markus
2008 Reserve price formation in online auctionsEnglmaier, Florian; Schmöller, Arno
2008 Contractual and organizational structure with reciprocal agentsEnglmaier, Florian; Leider, Stephen
2010 Incentives, reputation and the allocation of authorityEnglmaier, Florian; Filipi, Ales; Singh, Ravi
2010 Optimal incentive contracts under moral hazard when the agent is free to leaveEnglmaier, Florian; Muehlheusser, Gerd; Roider, Andreas
2010 Gift exchange in the lab - it is not (only) how much you give ...Englmaier, Florian; Leider, Steve
2010 Optimal Incentive Contracts under Moral Hazard When the Agent is Free to LeaveRoider, Andreas; Englmaier, Florian; Mühlheusser, Gerd
2010 Commitment in R&D Tournaments via Strategic Delegation to Overoptimistic ManagersEnglmaier, Florian
2010 Incentives, Reputation and the Allocation of AuthorityEnglmaier, Florian; Filipi, Ales; Singh, Ravi
2010 Free Riding in the Lab and in the FieldEnglmaier, Florian; Gebhardt, Georg
2010 Optimal Incentive Contracts under Moral Hazard When the Agent is Free to LeaveEnglmaier, Florian; Muehlheusser, Gerd; Roider, Andreas
2010 Determinants and Effects of Reserve Prices in Hattrick AuctionsEnglmaier, Florian; Schmöller, Arno
2011 Worker characteristics and wage differentials: Evidence from a gift-exchange experimentEnglmaier, Florian; Strasser, Sebastian; Winter, Joachim
2011 Free-riding in the lab and in the fieldEnglmaier, Florian; Gebhardt, Georg