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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Labour market reforms and outcomes in EstoniaBrixiova, Zuzana; Egert, Balazs
2012 Bringing French public debt down: The options for fiscal consolidationEgert, Balazs
2012 The nature of financial and real business cycles: The great moderation and banking sector pro-cyclicalityEgert, Balazs; Sutherland, Douglas
2012 France's environmental policies: Internalising global and local externalitiesEgert, Balazs
2012 The impact of changes in second pension pillars on public finances in central and Eastern EuropeEgert, Balazs
2012 Nominal and real exchange rate models in South Africa: How robust are they?Egert, Balazs
2013 Interest rate pass-through and monetary policy asymmetry: A journey into the Caucasian black boxJamilov, Rustam; Egert, Balazs
2013 The Impact of Macro News and Central Bank Communication on Emerging European Forex MarketsEgert, Balazs; Kocenda, Evžen
2013 Public Debt, Economic Growth and Nonlinear Effects: Myth or RealityEgert, Balazs
2013 Dutch disease in the post-Soviet countries of Central and South-West Asia: How contagious is it?Egert, Balazs
2013 The Efficiency and Equity of the Tax and Transfer System in FranceEgert, Balazs
2013 Challenges to Sustain Poland’s Growth ModelEgert, Balazs; Kierzenkowski, Rafal
2017 The Quantification of Structural Reforms in OECD Countries: A New FrameworkEgert, Balazs; Gal, Peter
2017 Regulation, Institutions, and Productivity: New Macroeconomic Evidence from OECD CountriesEgert, Balazs
2017 Regulation, Institutions and Aggregate Investment: New Evidence from OECD CountriesEgert, Balazs
2017 Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Skills in Low-Income CountriesBrixiova, Zuzana; Egert, Balazs
2018 The Quantification of Structural Reforms: Extending the Framework to Emerging Market EconomiesEgert, Balazs
2018 Aggregate Multi-Factor Productivity: Measurement Issues in OECD CountriesEgert, Balazs
2020 Walking the Tightrope: Avoiding a Lockdown While Containing the VirusEgert, Balazs; Guillemette, Yvan; Murtin, Fabrice; Turner, David
2020 The Contribution of Human Capital and Its Policies to Per Capita Income in Europe and the OECDEgert, Balazs; Botev, Jarmila; Turner, David