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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Foreign Aid and Corruption: Clarifying Murky Empirical ConclusionsEfobi, Uchenna; Beecroft, Ibukun; Asongu, Simplice A.
2014 Inclusive human development in pre-crisis times of globalisation-driven debtsAsongu, Simplice; Efobi, Uchenna; Beecroft, Ibukun
2015 How Terrorism Explains Capital Flight from AfricaEfobi, Uchenna; Asongu, Simplice A.
2015 Foreign Direct Investment, Aid and Terrorism: Empirical Insight Conditioned on Corruption ControlEfobi, Uchenna; Asongu, Simplice A.; Beecroft, Ibukun
2015 FDI, Aid, Terrorism: Conditional Threshold Evidence from Developing CountriesAsongu, Simplice; Efobi, Uchenna; Beecroft, Ibukun
2015 Foreign Aid, IFRS Adoption and Foreign Direct InvestmentEfobi, Uchenna; Nnadi, Matthias
2016 Globalization and Governance: A Critical Contribution to the EmpiricsAsongu, Simplice; Efobi, Uchenna; Tchamyou, Vanessa S.
2016 Exploring Multidimensional Financial Inclusion and Manufacturing Firms Performance in a Developing Country: The Case of NigeriaEfobi, Uchenna; Tanankem, Belmondo V.; Asongu, Simplice; Beecroft, Ibukun
2016 Terrorism and Capital Flight from AfricaEfobi, Uchenna; Asongu, Simplice
2016 Technological Advancement and the Evolving Gender Identities: A Focus on the Level of Female Economic Participation in Sub-Saharan AfricaEfobi, Uchenna; Tanankem, Belmondo; Asongu, Simplice
2016 Diaspora Remittance Inflow, Financial Development and the Industrialisation of AfricaEfobi, Uchenna; Asongu, Simplice; Okafor, Chinelo; Tchamyou, Vanessa
2017 Assessing youth development in Sub-Saharan Africa with a multidimensional indexEfobi, Uchenna; Orkoh, Emmanuel