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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Tightening the system: Central allocation of emission rightsDutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel; Stronzik, Marcus
1998 Issues and open questions of greenhouse gas emission trading under the Kyoto protocolDutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
1998 Creation and sharing of credits through the clean development mechanism under the Kyoto ProtocolDutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
1998 Interest groups and efficient design of the clean development mechanism under the Kyoto ProtocolDutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
1998 Joint Implementation as Development Policy - The Case of Costa RicaDutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
1999 Convergence criteria for participation in the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto ProtocolMichaelowa, Axel; Dutschke, Michael; Stronzik, Marcus
1999 Closing the gap? A comparison of approaches to encourage early greenhouse gas emission reductionsRolfe, Chris; Michaelowa, Axel; Dutschke, Michael
2001 Permanence of CDM forests or non-permanence of land use related carbon credits?Dutschke, Michael
2002 Sustainable forestry investment under the clean development mechanism: The Malaysian caseDutschke, Michael
2003 Practical Issues Concerning Temporary Carbon Credits in the CDMDutschke, Michael; Schlamadinger, Bernhard
2003 Development Aid and the CDM - How to interpret "Financial Additionality"Dutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
2003 Can Permanence be Insured? Consideration of some Technical and Practical Issues of Insuring Carbon Credits from Afforestation and ReforestationWong-Leung, Jenny P.; Dutschke, Michael
2004 Value and Risks of Expiring Carbon Credits from CDM Afforestation and ReforestationDutschke, Michael; Schlamadinger, Bernhard; Wong-Leung, Jenny P.; Rumberg, Michael
2005 Liberalisation of Environmental Goods & Services and Climate ChangeIturregui, Patricia; Dutschke, Michael