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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 The impact on nutrition of the intrahousehold distribution of powerDjebbari, Habiba
2005 Career Choice, Marriage-Timing, and the Attraction of UnequalsDessy, Sylvain; Djebbari, Habiba
2007 Identification of peer effects through social networksBramoullé, Yann; Djebbari, Habiba; Fortin, Bernard
2008 Heterogeneous impacts in PROGRESADjebbari, Habiba; Smith, Jeffrey A.
2010 Do peers affect student achievement? Evidence from Canada using group size variationBoucher, Vincent; Bramoullé, Yann; Djebbari, Habiba; Fortin, Bernard
2012 Analytical framework for evaluating the productive impact of cash transfer programmes on household behaviour: Methodological guidelines for the from protection to production projectSolomon, Asfaw; Daidone, Silvio; Davis, Benjamin; Dewbre, Josh; Romeo, Alessandro; Djebbari, Habiba; Winters, Paul; Covarrubias, Katia
2012 Impact Evaluation for Policy Making: A Close Look at Latin American Countries with Weaker Research CapacitiesAlzúa, María Laura; Djebbari, Habiba; Valdivia, Martin
2014 Accounting for Peer Effects in Treatment ResponseDieye, Rokhaya; Djebbari, Habiba; Barrera-Osorio, Felipe
2014 Community mobilization around social dilemmas: evidence from lab experiments in rural MaliAlzua, Maria Laura; Cardenas, Juan Camilo; Djebbari, Habiba
2015 Impact evaluation of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in rural Mali: Final reportAlzua, Maria Laura; Pickering, Amy Janel; Djebbari, Habiba; Lopez, Carolina; Cardenas, Juan Camilo; Lopera, Maria Adelaida; Osbert, Nicolas; Coulibaly, Massa
2018 A Community Based Program Promotes SanitationAlzúa, María Laura; Djebbari, Habiba; Pickering, Amy J.
2018 A community based program promotes sanitationAlzúa, María Laura; Djebbari, Habiba; Pickering, Amy J.
2020 Peer Effects in Networks: A SurveyBramoullé, Yann; Djebbari, Habiba; Fortin, Bernard
2020 Gender, Information and the Efficiency of Household Production Decisions: An Experiment in Rural TogoApedo-Amah, Marie Christine; Djebbari, Habiba; Ziparo, Roberta