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2009 Reasons for a standardized approach of the occupations in the commercial fieldDinu, Vasile
2010 Education and Training Needs in the Field of Consumer Protection in the Lower Danube RegionDinu, Vasile; Marchevski, Ivan; Dobrescu, Eugen; Petrescu, Raluca Mariana
2010 Human Factor's Involvement in the Consumer Protection ManagementPetrescu, Ion; Dinu, Vasile; Ştefănescu, Camelia; Dobrescu, Eugen
2010 Responsible Commercial Activity Of Smes And Specific Values Of Sustainable Development In Terms Of The European Excellence ModelOlaru, Marieta; Dinu, Vasile; Stoleriu, Ghiorghiţa; Şandru, Diana; Dincă, Violeta
2011 The Knowledge - Based Economy: Implications for Higher Education in Economics and BusinessDinu, Vasile
2011 Corporate Social Responsibility – Opportunity for Reconciliation between Economical Interests and Social and Environmental InterestsDinu, Vasile
2012 Attitude of Romanian Consumers Related to Products' Ecological LabellingDinu, Vasile; Schileru, Ion; Atanase, Anca
2012 Romania Foreign Trade in Global Recession, Revealed by the Extended Method of Exchange Rate IndicatorsSăvoiu, Gheorghe; Dinu, Vasile; Tăchiciu, Laurenţiu
2012 Consumers' Education and Information from the Perspective of Their Awareness and Ecological BehaviourDinu, Vasile
2014 The Protection of the Consumers Rights in an Era of Technological Changes and GlobalizationDinu, Vasile
2015 Study on the Open Innovation Practices in Romanian SMEsOlaru, Marieta; Dinu, Vasile; Keppler, Timo; Mocan, Bogdan; Mateiu, Alexander
2015 Economic paradoxism and meson economicsSăvoiu, Gheorghe; Dinu, Vasile
2015 Retail innovation technologiesDinu, Vasile
2016 The constraints to the economic development in the former socialist EU countries from the Central and Eastern EuropeDinu, Vasile
2017 Competition's Policy – a Tool to Protect Consumer's Rights and InterestsDinu, Vasile
2017 Quality Management and Business ExcellenceDinu, Vasile
2017 Total quality management: A way to manage organizations centred on qualityDinu, Vasile
2018 Food safety in the context of the European UnionDinu, Vasile
2019 The transition to bioeconomyDinu, Vasile