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1999Fiscal policy effectiveness and neutrality results in a non-Ricardian worldDetken, Carsten
2000The euro and international capital marketsDetken, Carsten; Hartmann, Philipp
2000The euro and international capital marketsDetken, Carsten; Hartmann, Philipp
2001Monetary policy and fears of financial instabilityBrousseau, Vincent; Detken, Carsten
2002Model uncertainty and the equilibrium value of the real effective euro exchange rateDetken, Carsten; Dieppe, Alistair; Henry, Jérôme; Marin, Carmen; Smets, Frank
2003Maintaining price stability under free-floating: a fearless way out of the corner?Detken, Carsten; Gaspar, Vítor
2004Asset price booms and monetary policyDetken, Carsten; Smets, Frank
2004On prosperity and posterity: the need for fiscal discipline in a monetary unionDetken, Carsten; Gaspar, Vítor; Winkler, Bernhard
2007Liquidity shocks and asset price boom/bust cyclesAdalid, Ramón; Detken, Carsten
2009'Real time'early warning indicators for costly asset price boom/bust cycles: a role for global liquidityAlessi, Lucia; Detken, Carsten
2013Setting countercyclical capital buffers based on early warning models: would it work?Behn, Markus; Detken, Carsten; Peltonen, Tuomas A.; Schudel, Willem
2014Operationalising the countercyclical capital buffer: indicator selection, threshold identification and calibration optionsDetken, Carsten; Weeken, Olaf; Alessi, Lucia; Bonfim, Diana; Boucinha, Miguel M.; Castro, Christian; Frontczak, Sebastian; Giordana, Gaston; Giese, Julia; Jahn, Nadya; Kakes, Jan; Klaus, Benjamin; Lang, Jan Hannes; Puzanova, Natalia; Welz, Peter
2014Identifying excessive credit growth and leverageAlessi, Lucia; Detken, Carsten
2016Predicting vulnerabilities in the EU banking sector: the role of global and domestic factorsBehn, Markus; Detken, Carsten; Peltonen, Tuomas; Schudel, Willem
2019Macroprudential policy at the ECB: Institutional framework, strategy, analytical tools and policiesCabral, Inês; Detken, Carsten; Fell, John P. C.; Henry, Jérôme; Hiebert, Paul; Kapadia, Sujit; Nicoletti-Altimari, Sergio; dos Santos, Fátima P.; Salleo, Carmelo; Constâncio, Vítor