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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Options for business rate reformDenny, Kevin; Hall, John; Smith, Stephen
1997 The distribution of discrimination in immigrant earnings - evidence from Britain 1974-1993Denny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm; Roche, Maurice
2000 New methods for comparing literacy across populations: insights from the measurement of povertyDenny, Kevin
2000 The Impact of Education and Training on the Labour Market Experiences of Young AdultsDenny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm
2000 Functional literacy, educational attainment and earnings - evidence from the international adult literacy surveyDenny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm; Redmond, Sandra
2000 Education policy reform and the return to schooling from instrumental variablesDenny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm
2003 A multi-country study of inter-generational educational mobilityChevalier, Arnaud; Denny, Kevin; McMahon, Dorren
2004 Education. earning and skills: A multi-country comparisonDenny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm; O'Sullivan, Vincent
2004 Can education compensate low ability? Evidence from british dataDenny, Kevin; O'Sullivan, Vincent
2004 An econometric analysis of Burglary in IrelandDenny, Kevin; Harmon, Colm; Lydon, Reamonn
2004 Born to be wild? The effect of birth order, families and schools on truancyDenny, Kevin
2004 The economic consequences of being left-handed: Some sinister resultsDenny, Kevin; O'Sullivan, Vincent
2004 Can education compensate for low ability? Evidence from British dataDenny, Kevin; O'Sullivan, Vincent
2005 Do teachers make better parents? The differential performance of teachers' children at schoolDenny, Kevin
2005 ... take up thy bed, and vote: Measuring the relationship between voting behaviour and indicators of healthDenny, Kevin; Doyle, Orla
2005 Political interest, cognitive ability and personality: Determinants of voter turnout in BritainDenny, Kevin; Doyle, Orla
2005 Returns to basic skills in Central and Eastern Europe: A semi-parametric approachDenny, Kevin; Doyle, Orla
2006 The economic consequences of being left-handed: Some sinister resultsDenny, Kevin; O┬žSullivan, Vincent
2006 Does votong history matter? Analysing persistence in turnoutDenny, Kevin; Doyle, Orla
2006 Cognitive ability and hemispheric indecision: Two surpluses and a deficitDenny, Kevin