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1999 From the ERM to the euro: new evidence on economic and policy convergence among EU countriesAngeloni, Ignazio; Dedola, Luca
2001 Why Is the Business-Cycle Behavior of Fundamentals Alike Across Exchange-Rate Regimes?Dedola, Luca; Leduc, Sylvain
2002 Macroeconomics of international price discriminationCorsetti, Giancarlo; Dedola, Luca
2004 International risk-sharing and the transmission of productivity shocksCorsetti, Giancarlo; Dedola, Luca; Leduc, Sylvain
2006 What does a technology shock do? A VAR analysis with model-based sign restrictionsDedola, Luca; Neri, Stefano
2007 US imbalances: the role of technology and policyBems, Rudolfs; Dedola, Luca; Smets, Frank
2016 Macroeconomic stabilization, monetary-fiscal interactions, and Europe’s monetary unionCorsetti, Giancarlo; Dedola, Luca; Jarociński, Marek; Maćkowiak, Bartosz; Schmidt, Sebastian
2017 If the Fed sneezes, who catches a cold?Dedola, Luca; Rivolta, Giulia; Stracca, Livio
2018 Does a big bazooka matter? Central bank balance-sheet policies and exchange ratesDedola, Luca; Georgiadis, Georgios; Gräb, Johannes; Mehl, Arnaud
2020 Monetary policy and its transmission in a globalised worldCa' Zorzi, Michele; Dedola, Luca; Georgiadis, Georgios; Jaroci´nski, Marek; Stracca, Livio; Strasser, Georg
2022 Tax thy neighbour: Corporate tax pass-through into downstream consumer prices in a monetary unionDedola, Luca; Osbat, Chiara; Reinelt, Timo