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1993Does Head Start Make A Difference?Thomas, Duncan; Currie, Janet
2004Air Pollution and Infant Health : What Can We Learn From California's Recent Experience?Currie, Janet; Neidell, Matthew
2004The Take-Up of Social BenefitsCurrie, Janet
2006Child health and human capitalCurrie, Janet
2006Does child abuse cause crime?Currie, Janet; Tekin, Erdal
2008Efficient Provision of High-Quality Early Childhood Education: Does the Private Sector or Public Sector Do It Best?Blau, David; Currie, Janet
2015Short and Long-Term Effects of Unemployment on FertilityCurrie, Janet; Schwandt, Hannes
2016Mortality Inequality: The Good News from a County-Level ApproachCurrie, Janet; Schwandt, Hannes
2016The Program on ChildrenCurrie, Janet; Aizer, Anna
2018Violence While in Utero: The Impact of Assaults during Pregnancy on Birth OutcomesCurrie, Janet; Mueller-Smith, Michael; Rossin-Slater, Maya
2020Does the Marginal Hospitalization Save Lives? The Case of Respiratory Admissions for the ElderlyCurrie, Janet; Slusky, David
2021Geographic Inequality in Income and Mortality in GermanyRedler, Peter; Wuppermann, Amelie; Winter, Joachim; Schwandt, Hannes; Currie, Janet
2021Inequality in Mortality between Black and White Americans by Age, Place, and Cause, and in Comparison to Europe, 1990-2018Schwandt, Hannes; Currie, Janet; Bär, Marlies; Banks, James; Bertoli, Paola; Bütikofer, Aline; Cattan, Sarah; Chao, Beatrice Zong-Ying; Costa, Claudia; Gonzalez, Libertad; Grembi, Veronica; Huttunen, Kristiina; Karadakic, René; Kraftman, Lucy; Krutikova, Sonya; Lombardi, Stefano; Redler, Peter; Riumallo Herl, Carlos; Rodríguez-González, Ana; Salvanes, Kjell G.; Santana, Paula; Thuilliez, Josselin; van Doorslaer, Eddy; Van Ourti, Tom; Winter, Joachim; Wouterse, Bram; Wuppermann, Amelie
2022The COVID-19 Baby Bump: The Unexpected Increase in U.S. Fertility Rates in Response to the PandemicBailey, Martha J.; Currie, Janet; Schwandt, Hannes