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1995Political Influence on the Central Bank- International EvidenceCukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven
2001Are Contemporary Central Banks Transparent about Economic Models and Objectives and What Difference Does it Make?Cukierman, Alex
2002Do Central Banks have Precautionary Demands for Expansions and for Price Stability? - Theory and EvidenceCukierman, Alex; Muscatelli, V. Anton
2007Fiscal Policy, Labor Unions, Competitiveness and Monetary Institutions: Their Long Run Impact on Unemployment, Inflation and WelfareCukierman, Alex; Dalmazzo, Alberto
2013States, Banks and the Financing of the Economy: Monetary Policy and Regulatory PerspectivesBalling, Morten; Jackson, Patricia; Gnan, Ernest; Danthine, Jean-Pierre; Rochet, Jean-Charles; Smaghi, Lorenzo Bini; Moe, Thorvald Grung; Pawlowska, Malgorzata; Marzec, Jerzy; Gimber, Andrew R.; Cukierman, Alex; Kane, Edward J.; Ervin, D. Wilson; Cecchetti, Stephen G.
2014Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in EuropeBruni, Franco; Ganchev, Gancho; Tsenkov, Vladimir; Stravrova, Elena; Bastidon, C├ęcile; Cukierman, Alex; Kane, Edward J.; Quagliariello, Mario; Lopes, Samuel Da Rocha; Burke, Javier Villar; Scopelliti, Alessandro
2016Central Banking and Monetary Policy: What will be the post-crisis new normal?Davies, Howard; Miles, David; Capie, Forrest; Cukierman, Alex; de Haan, Jakob; Eijffinger, Sylvester; Goodhart, Charles; Mahieu, Ronald; Maslowska-Jokinen, Aleksandra; Matysek-Jedrych, Anna; Melecki, Martin; Neyapti, Bilin; Panetta, Fabio; Podpiera, Anca Maria; Raes, Louis; Riboni, Alessandro; Romelli, Davide; Ruge-Murcia, Francisco; Siklos, Pierre; Sturm, Jan Egbert; Wood, Geoffrey