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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 The dynamics of automobile expendituresCopeland, Adam
2010 The tri-party repo market before the 2010 reformsCopeland, Adam; Martin, Antoine; Walker, Michael
2010 The impact of competition on technology adoption: An apples-to-PCs analysisCopeland, Adam; Shapiro, Adam Hale
2011 Repo and securities lendingAdrian, Tobias; Begalle, Brian; Copeland, Adam; Martin, Antoine
2011 Repo run: evidence from the tri-party repo marketCopeland, Adam; Martin, Antoine; Walker, Michael
2011 The production impact of cash-for-clunkers: Implications for stabilization policyCopeland, Adam; Kahn, James
2012 Assessing the quality of Furfine-based algorithmsArmantier, Olivier; Copeland, Adam
2012 Exchange rate pass-through, markups, and inventoriesCopeland, Adam; Kahn, James A.
2014 A primer on the GCF Repo ServiceAgueci, Paul; Alkan, Leyla; Copeland, Adam; Davis, Isaac; Martin, Antoine; Pingitore, Kate; Prugar, Caroline; Rivas, Tyisha
2015 Interest rates and the market for new light vehiclesCopeland, Adam; Hall, George J.; Maccini, Louis J.
2015 Reference guide to U.S. repo and securities lending marketsBaklanova, Viktoria; Copeland, Adam; McCaughrin, Rebecca
2015 Nonlinear pricing with competition: The market for settling paymentsCopeland, Adam; Garratt, Rod
2016 Do long-haul truckers undervalue future fuel savings?Adenbaum, Jacob; Copeland, Adam; Stevens, John
2016 A new survey of the U.S. bilateral repo market: A snapshot of broker-dealer activityBaklanova, Viktoria; Caglio, Cecilia; Cipriani, Marco; Copeland, Adam
2019 Information management in times of crisisAnderson, Haelim Park; Copeland, Adam
2019 The federal funds market over the 2007-09 crisisCopeland, Adam
2020 The effect of the central bank liquidity support during pandemics: Evidence from the 1918 influenza pandemicAnderson, Haelim Park; Chang, Jin Wook; Copeland, Adam
2020 The market events of mid-September 2019Afonso, Gara; Cipriani, Marco; Copeland, Adam; Kovner, Anna; La Spada, Gabriele; Martin, Antoine
2021 The value of internal sources of funding liquidity: U.S. broker-dealers and the financial crisisCaglio, Cecilia; Copeland, Adam; Martin, Antoine