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2018A monetary policy framework for the European Central Bank to deal with uncertaintyClaeys, Gregory; Demertzis, Maria; Mazza, Jan
2018Should we care about central bank profits?Chiacchio, Francesco; Claeys, Gregory; Papadia, Francesco
2018The European globalisation adjustment fund: Easing the pain from trade?Claeys, Gregory; Sapir, André
2018Cryptocurrencies and monetary policyClaeys, Gregory; Demertzis, Maria; Efstathiou, Konstantinos
2019The next generation of digital currencies: In search of stabilityClaeys, Gregory; Demertzis, Maria
2019How to make the European Green Deal workClaeys, Gregory; Tagliapietra, Simone; Zachmann, Georg
2020Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to boost the euro as global currency?Claeys, Gregory; Wolff, Guntram B.
2020How good is the European Commission's Just Transition Fund proposal?Cameron, Aliénor; Claeys, Gregory; Midões, Catarina; Tagliapietra, Simone
2020The European Central Bank in the COVID-19 crisis: Whatever it takes, within its mandateClaeys, Gregory
2021The productivity paradox: Policy lessons from MICROPRODClaeys, Gregory; Demertzis, Maria
2021Next Generation EU borrowing: A first assessmentChristie, Rebecca; Claeys, Gregory; Weil, Pauline
2021The great COVID-19 divergence: Managing a sustainable and equitable recovery in the European UnionClaeys, Gregory; Darvas, Zsolt M.; Demertzis, Maria; Wolff, Guntram B.
2022The low productivity of European firms: How can policies enhance the allocation of resources?Claeys, Gregory; Le Mouel, Marie; Sgaravatti, Giovanni
2023The rising cost of European Union borrowing and what to do about itClaeys, Gregory; McCaffrey, Conor; Welslau, Lennard
2023The longer-term fiscal challenges facing the European UnionZettelmeyer, Jeromin; Claeys, Gregory; Darvas, Zsolt M.; Welslau, Lennard; Zenios, Stauros Andrea