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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1971Ecology I and II, Resource Economics and Water Resource DevelopmentChapman, Duane
1972Predicting the Past and Future in Electricity DemandChapman, Duane; Mount, Timothy; Tyrrell, Timothy J.
1972Alternative Assumptions About Life Styles, Population, and Income Growth: Implications for Power Generation and Environmental QualityChapman, Duane; Tyrrell, Timothy J.
1973A Sulfur Emission Tax and the Electric Utility IndustryChapman, Duane
1973Floods and Flood Control in Marathon, New YorkGranatstein, David; Roberts, Keith; Chapman, Duane
1974Electricity Demand and the Financial Problems of Electric UtilitiesChapman, Duane; Mount, Timothy
1977Energy Conservation, Employment, and IncomeChapman, Duane
1979Horizontal Integration and Diversification in the Petroleum IndustryChapman, Duane
1981Affiliated Shareholding, Management, and Debt in the Petroleum Industry: Efficiency of Monoply Objectives?Chapman, Duane
1981The 1981 Tax Act and the Economics of Coal and Nuclear PowerChapman, Duane
1983The Financial Model in the Advanced Utility Simulation Model (AUSM)Cole, Kathleen; Chapman, Duane
1984The Structure of Tax Incentives for Rgulated Electric UtilitiesChapman, Duane
1985The Public Power Act of 1985Chapman, Duane
1985Global Pollution and International TradeChapman, Duane
1986Working on Fisher's Problem With Computer AlgebraChapman, Duane
1987Resource Depletion, Agricultural Reseach, and DevelopmentChapman, Duane; Barker, Randolph
1987Economic Implications of Reactor Decommissioning for Spent Fuel DisposalChapman, Duane
1987The Economic Significance of Pollution Control and Worker Safety Costs for World Copper TradeChapman, Duane
1989Biocarbon: A Model of Energy Use, Forestation, and Climate ChangeDrennen, Thomas; Chapman, Duane
1989Economic Dimensions of CO2 Treaty ProposalsChapman, Duane; Drennen, Thomas