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2012 Assessing Inequalities in Preventive Care Use in EuropeCarrieri, Vincenzo; Wübker, Ansgar
2014 Does the Letter Matter (and for Everyone)? - Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Invitation on Mammography UptakeCarrieri, Vincenzo; Wuebker, Ansgar
2017 What makes you "super-rich"? New evidence from an analysis of football players' earningsCarrieri, Vincenzo; Principe, Francesco; Raitano, Michele
2018 Light cannabis and organized crime: Evidence from (unintended) liberalization in ItalyCarrieri, Vincenzo; Madio, Leonardo; Principe, Francesco
2019 A latent class approach to inequity in health using biomarker dataCarrieri, Vincenzo; Davillas, Apostolos; Jones, Andrew M.
2020 Health's kitchen: TV, edutainment and nutritionPrincipe, Francesco; Carrieri, Vincenzo
2020 Do-It-Yourself Medicine? The Impact of Light Cannabis Liberalization on Prescription DrugsCarrieri, Vincenzo; Madio, Leonardo; Principe, Francesco
2020 WHO and for How Long? An Empirical Analysis of the Consumers' Response to Red Meat WarningCarrieri, Vincenzo; Principe, Francesco
2020 The Health-Wealth Trade-off during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Communication MattersCarrieri, Vincenzo; De Paola, Maria; Gioia, Francesca
2021 Equality of Opportunity and the Expansion of Higher Education in the UKCarrieri, Vincenzo; Davillas, Apostolos; Jones, Andrew M.
2021 Looking for a Star: Evaluating the Effect of the Cohesion Policy on Regional Well-BeingAlbanese, Giuseppe; Carrieri, Vincenzo; Speziali, Maria Maddalena