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1999Stabilization policy and business cycle phases in Europe: A Markov Switching VAR analysisBeine, Michel; Candelon, Bertrand; Sekkat, Khalid
2000Was there a regime change in the German monetary transmission mechanism in 1983?Candelon, Bertrand; Lütkepohl, Helmut
2000On the reliability of chow type test for parameter constancy in multivariate dynamic modelsCandelon, Bertrand; Lütkepohl, Helmut
2000Common cycles: A frequency domain approachBreitung, Jörg; Candelon, Bertrand
2001Fractional integration and business cycle featuresCandelon, Bertrand; Gil-Alaña, Luis A.
2001Is There a Common European Business Cycle? New Insights from a Frequency Domain AnalysisBreitung, Jörg; Candelon, Bertrand
2001Testing for short and long-run causality: The case of the yield spread and economic growthBreitung, Jörg; Candelon, Bertrand
2007Liberalization and stock market co-movement between emerging economiesBeine, Michel; Candelon, Bertrand
2008The nature of occupational unemployment rates in the United States: hysteresis or structural?Candelon, Bertrand; Dupuy, Arnaud; Gil-Alana, Luis
2010Banking and debt crisis in Europe: The dangerous liaisons?Candelon, Bertrand; Palm, Franz
2010Hierarchical organization and inequality in an economy with an implicit market for productive timeCandelon, Bertrand; Dupuy, Arnaud
2011Sovereign rating news and financial markets spillovers: Evidence from the European debt crisisArezki, Rabah; Candelon, Bertrand; Sy, Amadou
2013A distribution-free test for outliersCandelon, Bertrand; Metiu, Norbert
2013Disentangling economic recessions and depressionsCandelon, Bertrand; Metiu, Norbert; Straetmans, Stefan
2014Detecting financial contagion in a multivariate systemManner, Hans; Blatt, Dominik; Candelon, Bertrand
2018Financial Centres’ Polyarchy and Competitiveness Does Political Participation Change a Financial Centre’s Competitiveness?Michael, Bryane; Candelon, Bertrand
2021ESG-Washing in the mutual funds industry? From information asymmetry to regulationCandelon, Bertrand; Hasse, Jean-Baptiste; Lajaunie, Quentin