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2008 Are over-educated people insiders or outsiders? A case of job search methods and over-education in UKKucel, Aleksander; Byrne, Delma
2009 Inclusion or diversion in higher education in the Republic of Ireland?Byrne, Delma
2009 The determinants and effects of training at work: Bringing the workplace back inO'Connell, Philip J.; Byrne, Delma
2009 Mismatch in the graduate labour market among immigrants and second-generation ethnic minority groupsByrne, Delma; McGuinness, Seamus
2010 Too much of a good thing? Gender, 'concerted cultivation' and unequal achievement in primary educationMcCoy, Selina; Byrne, Delma; Banks, Joanne
2014 Examining the relationships between labour market mismatches, earnings and job satisfaction among immigrant graduates in EuropeMcGuinness, Séamus; Byrne, Delma
2014 Examining the Relationships between Labour Market Mismatches, Earnings and Job Satisfaction among Immigrant Graduates in EuropeMcGuinness, Seamus; Byrne, Delma
2015 Born abroad and educated here: Examining the impacts of education and skill mismatch among immigrant graduates in EuropeMcGuinness, Seamus; Byrne, Delma
2019 The early impact of the revised Leaving Certificate grading scheme on student perceptions and behaviourMacCoy, Selina; Byrne, Delma; O'Sullivan, Jessica; Smyth, Emer
2022 Shadow education uptake among final year students in secondary schools in Ireland: Wellbeing in a high stakes contextMacCoy, Selina; Byrne, Delma