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2009 New evidence on the finite sample properties of propensity score matching and reweighting estimatorsBusso, Matias; DiNardo, John; McCrary, Justin
2012 (In)Formal and (Un)Productive: The Productivity Costs of Excessive Informality in MexicoBusso, Matias; Fazio, Maria Victoria; Algazi, Santiago Levy
2012 Productivity and Resource Misallocation in Latin AmericaBusso, Matias; Madrigal, Lucia; Pages-Serra, Carmen
2013 Adapting to Climate Change: Long-Term Effects of Drought on Local Labor MarketsBastos, Paulo; Busso, Matias; Miller, Sebastian
2013 Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? School Enrollment, Graduation, and Dropout Rates in Latin AmericaBassi, Marina; Busso, Matias; Munoz, Juan Sebastian
2014 Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Enrollment, Graduation, and Dropout Rates in Latin AmericaBassi, Marina; Busso, Matias; Muñoz, Juan Sebastián
2015 Female Labor Force Participation in Latin America: Patterns and ExplanationsBusso, Matias; Fonseca, Dario Romero
2019 Remedial education: Evidence from a sequence of experiments in ColombiaÁlvarez Marinelli, Horacio; Berlinski, Samuel G.; Busso, Matias
2020 Rural-urban migration at high urbanization levelsBusso, Matias; Chauvin, Juan Pablo; Herrera L., Nicolás
2020 Social protection and informality in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemicBusso, Matias; Camacho, Juanita; Messina, Julián; Montenegro, Guadalupe
2020 Labor market adjustment to import competition: Long-run evidence from establishment dataBlyde, Juan S.; Busso, Matias; Romero Fonseca, Dario
2020 Unbundling returns to degrees and skills: Evidence from postsecondary education in ColombiaBusso, Matias; Muñoz, Juan Sebastián; Montaño, Sebastián
2021 On the demand for telemedicine: Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemicBusso, Matias; González, María P.; Scartascini, Carlos G.
2021 Good peers have asymmetric gendered effects on female educational outcomes: Experimental evidence from MexicoBusso, Matias; Frisancho Robles, Verónica
2021 Reducing parent-school information gaps and improving education outcomes: Evidence from high-frequency text messagesBerlinski, Samuel G.; Busso, Matias; Dinkelman, Taryn; Martínez Alvear, Claudia
2022 Helping struggling students and benefiting all: Peer effects in primary educationBerlinski, Samuel G.; Busso, Matias; Giannola, Michele