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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Towards a new early warning system of financial crisesBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel
2004 Current accounts dynamics in OECD and EU acceding countries - an intertemporal approachBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Müller, Gernot J.
2004 Currency mismatch, uncertainty and debt maturity structureBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Koeniger, Winfried
2004 Financial openness and growth: short-run gain, long-run pain?Fratzscher, Marcel; Bussière, Matthieu
2005 Trade integration of Central and Eastern European countries: lessons from a gravity modelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2005 Productivity shocks, budget deficits and the current accountBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Müller, Gernot J.
2005 Trade Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries: Lessons from a Gravity ModelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Evaluating China’s integration in world trade with a gravity model based benchmarkBussière, Matthieu; Schnatz, Bernd
2007 Balance of payment crises in emerging markets: how early were the “early” warning signals?Bussière, Matthieu
2007 Exchange rate pass-through to trade prices: the role of non-linearities and asymmetriesBussière, Matthieu
2008 Exchange rate pass-through in the global economy: the role of emerging market economiesBussière, Matthieu; Peltonen, Tuomas A.
2008 A framework for assessing global imbalancesBracke, Thierry; Bussière, Matthieu; Fidora, Michael; Straub, Roland
2008 China's and India's roles in global trade and finance - twin titans for the new millennium?Bussière, Matthieu; Mehl, Arnaud
2009 Modelling global trade flows: results from a GVAR modelBussière, Matthieu; Chudik, Alexander; Sestieri, Giulia
2010 Chronicle of currency collapses: re-examining the effects on outputBussière, Matthieu; Saxena, Sweta C.; Tovar, Camilo E.
2010 A decade (and a global financial crisis) after Blinder: The interaction between researchers and policy-makers in central banksBussière, Matthieu; Stracca, Livio
2010 Methodological advances in the assessment of equilibrium exchange ratesBussière, Matthieu; Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Chudik, Alexander; Dieppe, Alistair
2010 Protectionist responses to the crisis – global trends and implicationsBussière, Matthieu; Pérez-Barreiro, Emilia; Straub, Roland; Taglioni, Daria
2011 Does the euro make a difference? Spatio-temporal transmission of global shocks to real effective exchange rates in an infinite VARBussière, Matthieu; Chudik, Alexander; Mehl, Arnaud
2014 Do real exchange rate appreciations matter for growth?Bussière, Matthieu; Lopez, Claude; Tille, Cédric