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2000Measuring income riskBurgess, Simon; Gardiner, Karen; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Propper, Carol
2005Modelling poverty by not modelling poverty: an application of a simultaneous hazards approach to the UKAassve, Arnstein; Burgess, Simon; Dickson, Matt; Propper, Carol
2007Keeping up with the Schmidts: An Empirical Test of Relative Deprivation Theory in the Neighbourhood ContextKnies, Gundi; Burgess, Simon; Propper, Carol
2007Keeping up with the Schmidts: an empirical test of relative deprivation theory in the neighbourhood contextKnies, Gundi; Burgess, Simon; Propper, Carol
2012Incentives in the public sector: Evidence from a government agencyBurgess, Simon; Propper, Carol; Ratto, Marisa; Tominey, Emma
2014Selective Schooling Systems Increase InequalityBurgess, Simon; Dickson, Matt; Macmillan, Lindsey
2016Understanding the Response to Financial and Non-Financial Incentives in Education: Field Experimental Evidence Using High-Stakes AssessmentsBurgess, Simon; Metcalfe, Robert; Sadoff, Sally
2016Human Capital and Education: The State of the Art in the Economics of EducationBurgess, Simon
2018The Long-Term Outcomes of Refugees: Tracking the Progress of the East African AsiansAnders, Jake; Burgess, Simon; Portes, Jonathan
2018Motivated to Succeed? Attitudes to Education among Native and Immigrant Pupils in EnglandBurgess, Simon; Heller-Sahlgren, Gabriel
2019Understanding teacher effectiveness to raise pupil attainmentBurgess, Simon
2019Deregulating Teacher Labor MarketsBurgess, Simon; Greaves, Ellen; Murphy, Richard J.