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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 The environmental drag on long- term economic performance: Evidence from NorwayBruvoll, Annegrete; Glomsrød, Solveig; Vennemo, Haakon
1996 Future Waste Generation - Forecasts Based on a Macroeconomic ModelBruvoll, Annegrete; Ibenholt, Karin
2000 Factoring the environmental Kuznets curve Evidence from NorwayBruvoll, Annegrete; Medin, Hege
2002 Greenhouse gas emissions in Norway Do carbon taxes work?Bruvoll, Annegrete; Larsen, Bodil Merethe
2002 On the value of households' recycling effortsBruvoll, Annegrete; Nyborg, Karine
2003 Quantifying Central Hypotheses on Environmental Kuznets Curves for a Rich Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium StudyBruvoll, Annegrete; Fæhn, Taran; Strøm, Birger
2003 Technological changes in the pulp and paper industry and the role of uniform versus selective environmental policyBruvoll, Annegrete; Bye, Torstein; Larsson, Jan; Telle, Kjetil
2004 Transboundary environmental policy effects: Markets and emission leakagesBruvoll, Annegrete; Fæhn, Taran
2006 Richer and cleaner - at others' expense?Fæhn, Taran; Bruvoll, Annegrete
2006 The importance of volatility in inflow in a deregulated hydro-dominated power marketBye, Torstein; Bruvoll, Annegrete; Aune, Finn Roar
2006 Capacity utilization in a generalized Malmquist index including environmental factors. A decomposition analysisBye, Torstein; Bruvoll, Annegrete; Larsson, Jan
2008 Multiple instruments to change energy behaviour: The emperor's new clothes?Bye, Torstein; Bruvoll, Annegrete
2009 On the measurement of environmental taxesBruvoll, Annegrete
2012 Political motives in climate and energy policyBruvoll, Annegrete; Dalen, Hanne Marit; M.Larsen, Bodil