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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Internalization of Airport Congestion: A Network AnalysisBrueckner, Jan K.
2003 Transport Subsidies, System Choice, and Urban SprawlBrueckner, Jan K.
2004 European Airline Mergers, Alliance Consolidation, and Consumer WelfareBrueckner, Jan K.; Pels, Eric
2009 Manipulable Congestion TollsBrueckner, Jan K.; Verhoef, Erik T.
2011 Airline alliances, carve-outs and collusionBrueckner, Jan K.; Picard, Pierre M.
2012 Partial fiscal decentralization and public-sector heterogeneity: Theory and evidence from NorwayBorge, Lars-Erik; Brueckner, Jan K.; Rattso, Jorn
2012 Urban squatting with rent-seeking organizersBrueckner, Jan K.
2013 Efficiency of Decentralized Road Investment and Pricing in a Multi-Jurisdictional City with SpilloversBrueckner, Jan K.
2013 Measuring strategic firm interaction in product-quality choices: The case of airline flight frequencyBrueckner, Jan K.; Luo, Dan
2013 Decentralized Road Investment and Pricing in a Monocentric, Multi-Jurisdictional City: Efficiency with SpilloversBrueckner, Jan K.
2013 Negative Campaigning in a Probabilistic Voting ModelBrueckner, Jan K.; Lee, Kangoh
2013 Product Unbundling in the Travel Industry: The Economics of Airline Bag FeesBrueckner, Jan K.; Lee, Darin N.; Picard, Pierre M.; Singer, Ethan
2014 Optimal Risk-Sharing in Mortgage Contracts: The Effects of Potential Prepayment and DefaultBrueckner, Jan K.; Lee, Kangoh
2014 Cordon Tolling in a City with Congested BridgesBrueckner, Jan K.
2015 Convenient Flight Connections vs. Airport Congestion - Modeling the 'Rolling Hub'Brueckner, Jan K.; Lin, Ming Hsin
2015 Parking and Urban FormBrueckner, Jan K.; Franco, Sofia F.
2016 Measuring the Stringency of Land-Use Regulation: The Case of China's Building-Height LimitsBrueckner, Jan K.; Fu, Shihe; Gu, Yizhen; Zhang, Junfu
2016 Airline Fuel Usage and Carbon Emissions: Determining FactorsBrueckner, Jan K.; Abreu, Chrystyane
2016 Optimal Energy Taxation in CitiesBorck, Rainald; Brueckner, Jan K.
2017 Employer-Paid Parking, Mode Choice, and SuburbanizationBrueckner, Jan K.; Franco, Sofia F.