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1999 Voluntary approaches, market structure and competitionBrau, Rinaldo; Carraro, Carlo
2001 Participation incentives and the design of voluntary agreements: Special issue on voluntary approaches, competition and competitivenessBrau, Rinaldo; Carraro, Carlo; Golfetto, Giulio
2002 Privatisations as price reforms: Evaluating consumers' welfare changes in the UKBrau, Rinaldo; Florio, Massimo
2003 How Fast are the Tourism Countries Growing? The cross-country evidenceBrau, Rinaldo; Lanza, Alessandro; Pigliaru, Francesco
2006 Uncovering the Macrostructure of Tourists’ Preferences. A Choice Experiment Analysis of Tourism Demand to SardiniaBrau, Rinaldo; Cao, Davide
2006 Eliciting the Demand for Long Term Care Coverage: A Discrete Choice Modelling AnalysisBrau, Rinaldo; Bruni, Matteo Lippi
2007 How Fast are Small Tourist Countries Growing? The 1980-2003 EvidencePigliaru, Francesco; Brau, Rinaldo; Lanza, Alessandro
2007 Assessing visitor satisfaction with tourism rejuvenation policies: the case of Rimini, ItalyBrau, Rinaldo; Scorcu, Antonello; Vici, Laura
2010 Tourism and development: a recent phenomenon built on old (institutional) roots?Brau, Rinaldo; Di Liberto, Adriana; Pigliaru, Francesco
2010 Tourism and Development: A recent phenomenon built on old (institutional) roots?Pigliaru, Francesco; Liberto, Adriana Di; Brau, Rinaldo
2016 A spatial analysis of inter-regional patient mobility in ItalyMarrocu, Emanuela; Balia, Silvia; Brau, Rinaldo