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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Coordination and self-organization in minority games: Experimental evidenceBottazzi, Giulio; Devetag, Giovanna
2002 Institutional achitectures and behavioural ecologies in the dynamics of financial markets: A preliminary investigationBottazzi, Giulio; Dosi, Giovanni; Rebesco, Igor
2003 Invariances and diversities in the evolution of manufacturing industriesBottazzi, Giulio; Cefis, Elena; Dosi, Giovanni; Secchi, Angelo
2003 Expectations structure in asset pricing experimentsBottazzi, Giulio; Devetag, Giovanna
2003 Sectoral specifities in the dynamics of US manufacturing firmsBottazzi, Giulio; Secchi, Angelo
2003 Mapping sectoral patterns of technological accumulation into the geography of corporate locations: A simple model and some promising evidenceBottazzi, Giulio; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni
2003 A Simple Micro-Model of Market Dynamics. Part I: the "Large Market" Deterministic LimitBottazzi, Giulio
2004 Some statistical investigations on the nature and dynamics of electricity pricesBottazzi, Giulio; Sapio, Sandro; Secchi, Angelo
2004 Subbotools user's manual: For version, 8 September 2004Bottazzi, Giulio
2004 Asset pricing model with heterogeneous investment horizonsAnufriev, Mikhail; Bottazzi, Giulio
2005 Characterizing the production process: A disaggregated analysis of Italian manufacturing firmsBottazzi, Giulio; Grazzi, Marco; Secchi, Angelo
2005 Price and wealth dynamics in a speculative market with arbitrary number of generic technical tradersAnufriev, Mikhail; Bottazzi, Giulio
2005 Price and wealth asymptotic dynamics with CRRA technical trading strategiesAnufriev, Mikhail; Bottazzi, Giulio; Pancotto, Francesca
2005 On the Laplace distribution of firm growth ratesBottazzi, Giulio; Secchi, Angelo
2005 Explaining the distribution of firms growth ratesBottazzi, Giulio; Secchi, Angelo
2006 Financial fragility and growth dynamics of Italian business firmsBottazzi, Giulio; Secchi, Angelo; Tamagni, Federico
2007 On the irreconcilability of Pareto and Gibrat lawsBottazzi, Giulio
2007 A comment on the relationship between firms' size and growth rateBottazzi, Giulio
2007 Assessing the impact of credit ratings and economic performance on firm defaultBottazzi, Giulio; Grazzi, Marco; Secchi, Angelo; Tamagni, Federico
2007 Modeling industrial evolution in geographical spaceBottazzi, Giulio; Dosi, Giovanni; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Secchi, Angelo