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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Barriers to Entry and the Self-Regulating ProfessionBortolotti, Bernardo; Fiorentini, Gianluca
1997 Barriers to entry and the self-regulating profession: Evidence from the market for Italian accountantsBortolotti, Bernardo; Fiorentini, Gianluca
1997 Privatisations and institutions: A cross-country analysisBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico; Vitalini, Serena
1998 Regulation and privatisation: The case of electricityBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico
2000 Privatisation and Institutions: A Cross Country AnalysisBortolotti, Bernardo; Siniscalco, Domenico; Fantini, Marcella
2000 Why do governments sell privatised companies abroad?Bortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Scarpa, Carlo
2001 Privatisation Around the World: New Evidence from Panel DataBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Privatisation around the world: New evidence from panel dataBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Sources of performance improvement in privatised firms: A clinical study of the global telecommunications industryMegginson, William L.; Bortolotti, Bernardo; D'Souza, Juliet; Fantini, Marcella
2001 Privatisation, large shareholders, and sequential auctions of sharesBortolotti, Bernardo
2002 Privatization and stock market liquidityBortolotti, Bernardo; de Jong, Frank; Nicodano, Giovanna; Schindele, Ibolya
2003 The Political Economy of PrivatizationBortolotti, Bernardo; Pinotti, Paolo
2004 Reluctant PrivatizationBortolotti, Bernardo; Faccio, Mara
2005 Italy’s Privatization Process and Its Implications for ChinaBortolotti, Bernardo
2005 Political Institutions and Privatisation PolicyBortolotti, Bernardo
2005 From Government to Regulatory Governance: Privatization and the Residual Role of the StatePerotti, Enrico; Bortolotti, Bernardo
2006 The Nontradable Share Reform in the Chinese Stock MarketBortolotti, Bernardo; Beltratti, Andrea
2006 Privatization in Western Europe Stylized Facts, Outcomes, and Open IssuesBortolotti, Bernardo; Milella, Valentina
2007 The Rise of Accelerated Seasoned Equity UnderwritingsMegginson, William L.; Bortolotti, Bernardo; Smart, Scott B.
2007 Capital Structure and Regulation: Does Ownership Matter?Cambini, Carlo; Bortolotti, Bernardo; Rondi, Laura; Spiegel, Yossi