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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989 Modeling American Marriage PatternsBloom, David E.; Bennett, Neil G.
1989 The Divergence of Black and white Marriage PatternsBennett, Neil G.; Bloom, David E.; Craig, Patricia H.
2001 Globalization, global public bads, rising criminal activity and growthBloom, David E.; Murshed, S. Mansoob
2010 Economic consequences of low fertility in EuropeBloom, David E.; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2010 Urban settlement: Data, measures, and trendsBloom, David E.; Canning, David; Fink, Günther; Khanna, Tarun; Salyer, Patrick
2012 Declining fertility and economic well-being: Do education and health ride to the rescue?Prettner, Klaus; Bloom, David E.; Strulik, Holger
2013 Ageing and productivityBloom, David E.; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2013 The Design and Implementation of Public Pension Systems in Developing Countries: Issues and OptionsBloom, David E.; McKinnon, Roddy
2013 The Economic Case for Devoting Public Resources to HealthBloom, David E.; Fink, Günther
2013 Global Health Governance and Tropical DiseasesBärnighausen, Till; Bloom, David E.; Humair, Salal
2013 Ageing and productivity: IntroductionBloom, David E.; Sousa-Poza, Alfonso
2013 The Economic Impact of Non-communicable Disease in China and India: Estimates, Projections, and ComparisonsBloom, David E.; Cafiero, Elizabeth T.; McGovern, Mark E.; Prettner, Klaus; Stanciole, Anderson; Weiss, Jonathan; Bakkila, Samuel; Rosenberg, Larry
2013 A Demographic Dividend for Sub-Saharan Africa: Source, Magnitude, and RealizationBloom, David E.; Humair, Salal; Rosenberg, Larry; Sevilla, J.P.; Trussell, James
2013 Lawyers as agents of the devil in a prisoner's dilemma game: Evidence from long run playAshenfelter, Orley; Bloom, David E.; Dahl, Gordon Boyack
2013 Disease and Development RevisitedBloom, David E.; Canning, David; Fink, Guenther
2014 Education System Reform in Pakistan: Why, When, and How?Aziz, Mehnaz; Bloom, David E.; Humair, Salal; Jimenez, Emmanuel; Rosenberg, Larry; Sathar, Zeba
2015 Increasing Coverage of Antiretroviral Therapy and Male Medical Circumcision in HIV Hyperendemic Countries: A Cost-Benefit AnalysisGeldsetzer, Pascal; Bloom, David E.; Humair, Salal; Bärnighausen, Till
2015 The contribution of female health to economic developmentBloom, David E.; Kuhn, Michael; Prettner, Klaus
2015 The Contribution of Female Health to Economic DevelopmentBloom, David E.; Kuhn, Michael; Prettner, Klaus
2016 The Global Demography of Aging: Facts, Explanations, FutureBloom, David E.; Luca, Dara Lee