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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1978The Duration of Unemployment and Unexpected Inflation – An Empirical AnalysisBjörklund, Anders; Holmlund, Bertil
1982Measuring the Duration of Unemployment: A NoteBjörklund, Anders
1982Arbetslöshetsersättningen i Sverige: Motiv, regler och effekterBjörklund, Anders; Holmlund, Bertil
1983Estimation of Wage Gains and Welfare Gains from Self-Selection ModelsBjörklund, Anders
1984Unemployment and Mental Health: Some Evidence from Panel DataBjörklund, Anders
1986Policies for Labor Market Adjustment in SwedenBjörklund, Anders
1986The Economics of Unemployment Insurance: The Case of SwedenBjörklund, Anders; Holmlund, Bertil
1986Assessing the Decline of Wage Dispersion in SwedenBjörklund, Anders
1988Potentials and Pitfalls of Panel Data: The Case of Job MobilityBjörklund, Anders
1988Job Mobility and Subsequent Wages in SwedenBjörklund, Anders; Holmlund, Bertil
1989Why is the Swedish Unemployment Rate So Low?Björklund, Anders
1989Piece-Rates, On-the-Job Training and the Wage-Tenure ProfileBjörklund, Anders; Åkerman, Jeanette
1989Evaluations of Swedish Labor Market PolicyBjörklund, Anders
1990Vem får sjukpenning? En statistisk analys av sjukfrånvarons bestämningsfaktorerBjörklund, Anders
1992The Impact of Family Background on the Returns to and Length of Schooling in SwedenBjörklund, Anders
1996Income Inequality and Income Mobility in the Scandinavian Countries Compared to the United StatesAaberge, Rolf; Björklund, Anders; Jäntti, Markus; Palme, Mårten; Pedersen, Peder J.; Smith, Nina; Wennemo, Tom
1997Unemployment Shocks and Income Distribution How Did the Nordic Countries Fare During their Crises?Aaberge, Rolf; Björklund, Anders; Jäntti, Markus; Pedersen, Peder J.; Smith, Nina; Wennemo, Tom
2000Brother Correlations in Earnings in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden Compared to the United StatesBjörklund, Anders; Eriksson, Tor; Jäntti, Markus; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Österbacka, Eva
2000The evolution of income inequality during the rise of the Swedish welfare state 1951 to 1973Björklund, Anders; Palme, Mårten
2001Is There a Glass Ceiling in Sweden?Albrecht, James; Björklund, Anders; Vroman, Susan