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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Rent seeking als classroom game: Ein ErfahrungsberichtBischoff, Ivo; Hofmann, Kai
2001 Interpersonelle Verteilungswirkungen aus dem Angebot öffentlicher haushaltsbezogener Infrastruktur: Eine empirische Analyse für ausgesuchte Bereiche in Deutschland zu Beginn der 90er JahreBischoff, Ivo; Heck, Stephan
2001 Determinants of the influence of voters and interest groups on the political decision making processBischoff, Ivo
2002 Wo bitte geht es zur politischen Mitte?Bischoff, Ivo
2002 Efficiency-enhancing effects of private and collective enterprises in transitional ChinaBischoff, Ivo
2002 Institutional choice in social dilemmas: An experimental approachBischoff, Ivo
2003 Party competition in a heterogeneous electorate – the role of dominant-issue-votersBischoff, Ivo
2003 Electoral competition in a multidimensional political arena - parallel moves instead of convergence in policy platformsBischoff, Ivo
2006 Übungsaufgaben zu Öffentliche FinanzenBischoff, Ivo; Haslauer, Martin; Luh, Christine; Saueressig, Tobias; Tanzmann, Lars
2006 Institutional choice vs communication in social dilemmas – an experimental approachBischoff, Ivo
2006 Endowment effect theory, prediction bias and publicly provided goods – an experimental studyBischoff, Ivo
2006 Tax projections in German states – manipulated by opportunistic incumbent parties?Bischoff, Ivo; Gohout, Wolfgang
2006 Endowment effect theory and the Samuelson solution – a thought experimentBischoff, Ivo
2008 Good policy choices even when voters entertain biased beliefs: a model with endogenous valenceBischoff, Ivo; Siemers, Lars-H. R.
2008 Voting experiments: bandwagon voting or false-consensus effect?Bischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik
2008 Conditional Grants, Grant-Seeking and Welfare when there is Government Failure on the Subordinate LevelBischoff, Ivo
2008 Individual Determinants of Social Fairness Assessments: The Case of GermanyHennighausen, Tanja; Heinemann, Friedrich; Bischoff, Ivo
2008 Bandwagon voting or false-consensus effect in voting experiments? First results and methodological limitsBischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik
2009 Choosing from the Reform Menu Card: Individual Determinants of Labour Market Policy PreferencesHennighausen, Tanja; Bischoff, Ivo; Heinemann, Friedrich
2010 Social information and bandwagon behaviour in voting: An economic experimentBischoff, Ivo; Egbert, Henrik