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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Tax reform, welfare and intergenerational redistributionHougaard Jensen, Svend Erik; Nielsen, Søren Bo; Haagen Pedersen, Lars; Birch Sørensen, Peter
1999 Labour Tax Reform, The Good Jobs and the Bad Jobs.Kleven, Henrik Jacobsen; Birch Sørensen, Peter
1999 Optimal Taxation with Household Production.Kleven, Henrik Jacobsen; Richter, Wolfram F.; Birch Sørensen, Peter
2001 International Tax Coordination: Regionalism versus GlobalismBirch Sørensen, Peter
2003 Improving the Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off: Mandatory Savings Accounts for Social InsuranceBovenberg, Lars; Birch Sørensen, Peter
2006 The Theory of Optimal Taxation: What is the Policy Relevance?Birch Sørensen, Peter
2006 Can Capital Income Taxes Survive? And Should They?Birch Sørensen, Peter
2006 Savings Accounts and the Life-Cycle Approach to Social InsuranceBirch Sørensen, Peter; Hansen, Martin Ino; Bovenberg, A. Lans
2006 Optimal Taxation and Social Insurance in a Lifetime PerspectiveBovenberg, A. Lans; Birch Sørensen, Peter
2007 The Effects of Tax Competition when Politicians Create Rents to Buy Political SupportEggert, Wolfgang; Birch Sørensen, Peter
2009 The Theory of Optimal Taxation: New Developments and Policy RelevanceBirch Sørensen, Peter
2009 Dual Income Taxes: A Nordic Tax SystemBirch Sørensen, Peter
2016 The interaction of actual and fundamental house prices: A general model with an application to Denmark and SwedenBirch Sørensen, Peter; Bergman, U. Michael