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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Gross and Net Capital, Productivity, and the Form of the Survival Function - Some Norwegian EvidenceBiørn, Erik; Holmøy, Erling; Olsen, Øystein
1985 On the Prediction of Population Totals From Sample Surveys Based on Rotating PanelsBiørn, Erik
1985 Depreciation Profiles and the User Cost of CapitalBiørn, Erik
1985 KVARTS - A Quarterly Model of the Norwegian EconomyBiørn, Erik; Jensen, Morten; Reymert, Morten
1985 Specification of Consumer Demand Models with Stochastic Elements in the Utility Function and the First-Order ConditionsBiørn, Erik
1986 Energy Price Changes, and Induced Scrapping and Revaluation of Capital - A Putty Clay ApproachBiørn, Erik
1986 Expectations, Substitution, and Scrapping in a Putty Clay ModelBiørn, Erik; Frenger, Petter
1986 A Generalized Single Equation Error Correction Model and its Application to Quarterly DataBiørn, Erik; Olsen, Hilde
1988 Production Demand Adjustment in Norwegian Manufacturing: A Quarterly Error Correction ModelBiørn, Erik; Olsen, Hilde
1989 Engel Functions, Panel Data and Latent VariablesAasness, Jørgen; Biørn, Erik; Skjerpen, Terje
1993 Engel Functions, Panel Data, and Latent Variables with detailed ResultsAasness, Jørgen; Biørn, Erik; Skjerpen, Terje
1994 Errors in Variables and Panel Data: The Labour Demand Response to Permanent Changes in OutputBiørn, Erik; Klette, Tor Jakob
1995 Distribution of Preferences and Measurement Errors in a Disaggregated Expenditure System+Aasness, Jørgen; Biørn, Erik; Skjerpen, Terje
1997 Panel Data with Errors-in-Variables: A Note on Essential and Redundant Orthogonality Conditions in GMM-estimationBiørn, Erik; Klette, Tor Jakob
1998 Panel data with measurement errors: Instrumental variables and GMM procedures combining levels and differencesBiørn, Erik
1998 Random Coefficients and Unbalanced Panels: An Application on Data from Norwegian Chemical PlantsBiørn, Erik; Lindquist, Kjersti-Gro
1999 Random coefficients in regression equation systems: The case with unbalanced panel dataBiørn, Erik
1999 Estimating regression systems from unbalanced panel data: A stepwise maximum likelihood procedureBiørn, Erik
2000 The rate of capital retirement: How is it related to the form of the survival function and the investment growth path?Biørn, Erik
2000 Heterogeneity in Returns to Scale: A Random Coefficient Analysis with Unbalanced Panel DataBiørn, Erik; Lindquist, Kjersti-Gro; Skjerpen, Terje