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2000 The volatility of capital flows to emerging markets and financial services tradeBeck, Roland
2001 Do country fundamentals explain emerging market bond spreads?Beck, Roland
2006 Macroeconomic and financial stability challenges for acceding and candidate countriesWinkler, Adalbert; Beck, Roland; International Relations Committee Task Force on Enlargement
2007 Long-term growth prospects for the Russian economyBeck, Roland; Kamps, Annette; Mileva, Elitza
2008 The impact of sovereign wealth funds on global financial marketsBeck, Roland; Fidora, Michael
2008 Optimal reserve composition in the presence of sudden stops: the euro and the dollar as safe haven currenciesBeck, Roland; Rahbari, Ebrahim
2008 The impact of sovereign wealth funds on global financial marketsBeck, Roland; Fidora, Michael
2009 Petrodollars and imports of oil exporting countriesBeck, Roland; Kamps, Annette
2010 Should larger reserve holdings be more diversified?Beck, Roland; Weber, Sebastian
2013 Non-performing loans: what matters in addition to the economic cycle?Beck, Roland; Jakubik, Petr; Piloiu, Anamaria
2015 The geography of the great rebalancing in euro area bond markets during the sovereign debt crisisBeck, Roland; Georgiadis, Georgios; Gräb, Johannes
2015 The side effects of national financial sector policies: framing the debate on financial protectionismBeck, Roland; Beirne, John; Paternò, Francesco; Peeters, Jolanda; Ramos-Tallada, Julio; Rebillard, Cyril; Reinhardt, Dennis; Weissenseel, Lisa; Wörz, Julia; Ad hoc team of the European System of Central Banks
2016 Determinants of sub-sovereign bond yield spreads: the role of fiscal fundamentals and federal bailout expectationsBeck, Roland; Ferrucci, Gianluigi; Hantzsche, Arno; Rau-Goehring, Matthias
2019 Medium term treatment and side effects of quantitative easing: International evidenceBeck, Roland; Duca, Ioana A.; Stracca, Livio