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2004 The acceding countries’ strategies towards ERM II and the adoption of the euro - an analytical reviewBacké, Peter; Thimann, Christian; Arratibel, Olga; Calvo-Gonzalez, Oscar; Mehl, Arnaud; Nerlich, Carolin
2006 Catching-up and credit booms in Central and Eastern European EU member states and acceding countries: an interpretation within the new neoclassical synthesis frameworkBacké, Peter; Wójcik, Cezary
2006 Credit growth in Central and Eastern Europe: new (over)shooting stars?Egert, Balázs; Backé, Peter; Zumer, Tina
2008 Financial stability challenges in candidate countries - managing the transition to deeper and more market-oriented financial systemsBracke, Thierry; Geis, André; Habib, Maurizio; Móré, Csaba; Polgár, Éva Katalin; Winkler, Adalbert; Cocozza, Emidio; Backé, Peter; IRC Expert Group on Financial Stability Challenges in Candidate Countries
2010 Contagion and Spillovers: New Insights from the CrisisBacké, Peter; Feldkircher, Martin; Gnan, Ernest; Lahnsteiner, Mathias; Nowotny, Ewald; Kröger, Jürgen; Kuhnert, Stefan; McCarthy, Mary; Nieto-Parra, Sebastián; Santiso, Javier; Dees, Stéphane; di Mauro, Filippo; Keppel, Catherine; Wörz, Julia; Gudmundsson, Már; Thorgeirsson, Thorsteinn; Cerutti, Eugenio; Ilyina, Anna; Makarova, Yulia; Schmieder, Christian; Jensen, Ove Sten; Johansen, Claus; Gallego, Sonsoles; Gardó, Sándor; Martin, Reiner; Molina, Luis; Serena, José Maria; Klyviene, Violetta; Rasmussen, Lars Tranberg; Sologoub, Dimitry