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1985Certainty Equivalence Procedures in Decision Making under Uncertainty: An Empirical ApplicationAslaksen, Iulie; Bjerkholt, Olav
1985Certainty Equivalence Procedures in the Macroeconomic Planning of an Oil EconomyAslaksen, Iulie; Bjerkholt, Olav
1988Optimal Sequencing of Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Generation under Energy Price Uncertainty and Demand FluctuationsAslaksen, Iulie; Bjerkholt, Olav; Brekke, Kjell Arne
1996Decomposition of the Gini Coefficient by Income Components: Various Types of Applications and InterpretationsAaberge, Rolf; Aslaksen, Iulie
2000Valuation of Social Capital and Environmental ExternalitiesAslaksen, Iulie; Brekke, Kjell Arne
2000"Birds of a Feather Flock Together" The Impact of Choice of Spouse on Family Labor Income InequalityAslaksen, Iulie; Wennemo, Tom; Aaberge, Rolf
2000Child Care in the Welfare State A critique of the Rosen modelAslaksen, Iulie; Koren, Charlotte
2003Corporate environmental protection under uncertaintyAslaksen, Iulie; Synnestvedt, Terje
2004Are the Dixit-Pindyck and the Arrow-Fisher-Henry-Hanemann Option Values Equivalent?Aslaksen, Iulie; Synnestvedt, Terje
2004Environmental risk and the precautionary principle. "Late lessons from early warnings" applied to genetically modified plantsAslaksen, Iulie; Natvig, Bent; Nordal, Inger
2004"It pays to be green" - a premature conclusion?Telle, Kjetil; Aslaksen, Iulie; Synnestvedt, Terje
2006"The worth of a wildflower" Precautionary perspectives on the environmental risk of GMOsAslaksen, Iulie; Myhr, Anne Ingeborg
2007Ecology and economy in the Arctic. Uncertainty, knowledge and precautionAslaksen, Iulie; Glomsrød, Solveig; Myhr, Anne Ingeborg
2020Urban green: Integrating ecosystem extent and condition as a basis for ecosystem accounts: examples from the Oslo regionGarnåsjordet, Per Arild; Steinnes, Margrete; Cimburova, Zofie; Nowell, Megan; Barton, David N.; Aslaksen, Iulie
2021Plausible futures for the Norwegian offshore energy sector: Business as usual, harvest or rebuild?Stoknes, Per Espen; Aslaksen, Iulie; Golüke, Ulrich; Randers, Jørgen; Garnåsjordet, Per Arild