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2002Zur Gültigkeit der Abschreckung im Sinne der ökonomischen Theorie der Kriminalität: Grundzüge einer Meta-StudieAntony, Jürgen; Entorf, Horst
2003Directed sector and skill-specific technological change: The development of wages for the high and low skilledAntony, Jürgen
2005Scale Externalities of the G7 CountriesAntony, Jürgen
2005Diffusion of Scale Effects between European RegionsAntony, Jürgen
2005Weak Scale Effects in Growth ModelsAntony, Jürgen
2007Capital/labor substitution, capital deepening, and FDIAntony, Jürgen
2007Depletion of Non-Renewable Resources and Endogenous Technical ChangeAntony, Jürgen
2007A dual elasticity of substitution production function with an application to cross country inequalityAntony, Jürgen
2007New Combinations and GrowthAntony, Jürgen
2008Technology flows between sectors and its impact on large-scale firmsAntony, Jürgen; Grebel, Thomas
2008A further note on a new class of solutions to dynamic programming problems arising in economic growthAntony, Jürgen; Maußner, Alfred
2014Technical change and the elasticity of factor substitutionAntony, Jürgen
2019Resource depletion in a Ramsey economy with subsistence consumption, exogenous technical change and capital depreciation: A full characterizationAntony, Jürgen; Klarl, Torben
2020Knowledge Transfer, Transitional Dynamics and Optimal Research & Development Policy in a Dynamic Monopoly SettingAntony, Jürgen; Klarl, Torben