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1999Negative externalities as the engine of growth in an evolutionary contexrAntoci, Angelo; Bartolini, Stefano
2001Economic Growth and Social Poverty: The Evolution of Social ParticipationAntoci, Angelo; Sacco, Pier Luigi; Vanin, Paolo
2002Working too much in a polluted world: A North-South evolutionary modelAntoci, Angelo; Borghesi, Simone
2004Biodiversity and Economic Growth: Stabilization Versus Preservation of the Ecological DynamicsBorghesi, Simone; Antoci, Angelo; Russu, Paolo
2005Environmental Resources Depletion and Interplay Between Negative and Positive Externalities in a Growth ModelAntoci, Angelo
2008Participation, growth and social poverty: Social capital in a homogeneous societyAntoci, Angelo; Sacco, Pier Luigi; Vanin, Paolo
2008Structural change, environment and well-being: interactions between production and consumption choices of the rich and the poor in developing countriesAntoci, Angelo; Russu, Paolo; Ticci, Elisa
2009Environmental options and technological innovation: An evolutionary game modelAntoci, Angelo; Borghesi, Simone; Galeotti, Marcello
2009The fragility of social capitalSabatini, Fabio; Antoci, Angelo; Sodini, Mauro
2010Public security vs. private self-protection: optimal taxation and the social dynamics of fearAntoci, Angelo; Sacco, Pier Luigi; Sodini, Mauro
2010The solaria syndrome: social capital in a growing hyper-technological economyAntoci, Angelo; Sabatini, Fabio; Sodini, Mauro
2010Local communities in front of big external investors: an opportunity or a risk?Antoci, Angelo; Russu, Paolo; Ticci, Elisa
2011Economic Growth, Technological Progress, and Social Capital: The Inverted U HypothesisAntoci, Angelo; Sabatini, Fabio; Sodini, Mauro
2011Punish and perish?Antoci, Angelo; Zarri, Luca
2012ETS and technological innovation: A random matching modelAntoci, Angelo; Borghesi, Simone; Sodini, Mauro
2018Online networks, social interaction and segregation: An evolutionary approachAntoci, Angelo; Sabatini, Fabio
2018Civility and Trust in Social MediaAntoci, Angelo; Bonelli, Laura; Paglieri, Fabio; Reggiani, Tommaso G.; Sabatini, Fabio
2019Adoption Gaps of Environmental Adaptation Technologies with Public EffectsAntoci, Angelo; Borghesi, Simone; Galdi, Giulio; Vergalli, Sergio