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2011 Assessing the value of future accessions to the WTO Agreement on Gouvenement Procurement (GPA): Some new data sources, provisional estimates, and an evaluative framework for individual WTO members considering accessionAnderson, Robert D.; Pelletier, Philippe; Osei-Lah, Kodjo; Müller, Anna Caroline
2013 Competition policy and poverty reduction: A holistic approachAnderson, Robert D.; Müller, Anna Caroline
2014 The relationship between services trade and government procurement commitments: Insights from relevant WTO agreements and recent RTAsAnderson, Robert D.; Locatelli, Claudia; Müller, Anna Caroline; Pelletier, Philippe
2017 The revised WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): Key design features and significance for global trade and developmentAnderson, Robert D.; Müller, Anna Caroline
2017 The application of competition policy vis-à-vis intellectual property rights: The evolution of thought underlying policy changeAnderson, Robert D.; Kovacic, William E.
2018 Competition policy, trade and the global economy: Existing WTO elements, commitments in regional trade agreements, current challenges and issues for reflectionAnderson, Robert D.; Kovacic, William E.; Müller, Anna Caroline; Sporysheva, Nadezhda
2018 Competition agency guidelines and policy initiatives regarding the application of competition law vis-à-vis intellectual property: An analysis of jurisdictional approaches and emerging directionsAnderson, Robert D.; Chen, Jianning; Müller, Anna Caroline; Novozhilkina, Daria; Pelletier, Philippe; Sen, Nivedita; Sporysheva, Nadezhda