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2014 Can the Market Stability Reserve Stabilise the EU ETS: Commentators Hedge Their BetsAcworth, William
2014 Energie- und Klimapolitik: Europa ist nicht alleinNeuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William; Dechezleprêtre, Antoine; Sartor, Oliver; Sato, Misato; Schopp, Anne
2015 Leakage protection for carbon-intensive materials post-2020Neuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William; Ismer, Roland; Sartor, Oliver; Zetterberg, Lars
2015 The Market Stability Reserve: Is Europe Serious about the Energy Union?Acworth, William; May, Nils; Neuhoff, Karsten
2015 Maßnahmen zum Schutz vor Carbon Leakage für CO2-intensive Materialien im Zeitraum nach 2020Neuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William; Ismer, Roland; Sartor, Oliver; Zetterberg, Lars
2015 Marktstabilitätsreserve stärkt den europäischen EmissionshandelNeuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William; Schopp, Anne
2015 Modelling a market stability reserve in carbon marketsSchopp, Anne; Acworth, William; Huppmann, Daniel; Neuhoff, Karsten
2016 Pricing carbon consumption: A review of an emerging trendMunnings, Clayton; Acworth, William; Sartor, Oliver; Kim, Yong-Gun; Neuhoff, Karsten
2016 Eine Option für den Emissionshandel nach 2020: Einbeziehung des Konsums emissionsintensiver MaterialienNeuhoff, Karsten; Ismer, Roland; Acworth, William; Ancygier, Andrzej; Fischer, Carolyn; Haussner, Manuel; Kangas, Hanna-Liisa; Kim, Yong-Gun; Munnings, Clayton; Owen, Anne; Pauliuk, Stephan; Sartor, Oliver; Sato, Misato; Stede, Jan; Sterner, Thomas; Tervooren, Michael; Tusveld, Ruud; Wood, Richard; Xiliang, Zhang; Zetterberg, Lars; Zipperer, Vera
2016 Inclusion of consumption into emissions trading systems: Legal design and practical administrationIsmer, Roland; Haussner, Manuel; Neuhoff, Karsten; Acworth, William