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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 The Taylor Rule: A Spurious Regression?Österholm, Pär
2003 Testing for Cointegration in Misspecified Systems - A Monte Carlo Study of Size DistortionsÖsterholm, Pär
2004 Estimating the Relationship between Age Structure and GDP in the OECD Using Panel Cointegration MethodsÖsterholm, Pär
2005 Interest Rate Smoothing versus Serially Correlated Errors in Taylor Rules: Testing the TestsWelz, Peter; Österholm, Pär
2006 Incorporating Judgement in Fan ChartsÖsterholm, Pär
2006 Does Unemployment Hysteresis Equal Employment Hysteresis?Gustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2007 Testing for Purchasing Power Parity in Cointegrated PanelsCarlsson, Mikael; Lyhagen, Johan; Österholm, Pär
2007 Does Money Growth Granger-Cause Inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from Out-of-Sample Forecasts Using Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge; Österholm, Pär
2007 The Rise and Fall of U.S. Inflation PersistenceBeechey, Meredith; Österholm, Pär
2008 Imperfect Central Bank Communication: Information versus DistractionDale, Spencer; Orphanides, Athanasios; Österholm, Pär
2008 Does money matter for U.S. inflation? Evidence from Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge; Österholm, Pär
2008 Does money growth granger-cause inflation in the Euro Area? Evidence from output-of-sample forecasts using Bayesian VARsBerger, Helge; Österholm, Pär
2008 Does money still matter for U.S. output?Berger, Helge; Österholm, Pär
2010 Does the labor-income process contain a unit root? Evidence from individual-specific time seriesGustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2010 Labor-force participation rates and the informal value of unemployment rates: Evidence from disaggregated US dataGustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2019 Heterogeneity in households' expectations of housing prices: Evidence from micro dataHjalmarsson, Erik; Österholm, Pär