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1996Corporate Finance, Capital Market Equilibrium, and International Tax Competition with Capital Income TaxesWagener, Andreas
1997Strategic Business Taxation when Finance and Portfolio Decisions are EndogenousWagener, Andreas
1997Pay-as-you-go Pension Systems as Incomplete Social ContractsWagener, Andreas
1998Implementing Equal Living Conditions in a FederationWagener, Andreas
1999Double Bertrand tax competition: a fiscal game with governments acting as middlemenWagener, Andreas
2000Altruism and DonationsCheng, Sao-Wen; Wagener, Andreas
2001On Intergenerational Risk Sharing within Social Security SchemesWagener, Andreas
2001More on Parametric Characterizations of Risk Aversion and PrudenceEichner, Thomas; Wagener, Andreas
2002The Dynamic Cost of the DraftLau, Morten I.; Poutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2002Increases in Risk and the Welfare StateEichner, Thomas; Wagener, Andreas
2003Profit Tax Competition and Formula ApportionmentPethig, Rüdiger; Wagener, Andreas
2003Profit Tax Competition and Formula ApportionmentPethig, Rüdiger; Wagener, Andreas
2004Why is the public sector more labor-intensive?Poutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2004The invisible hand plays dice : eventualities in religious marketsPoutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2004Why Is the Public Sector More Labor-Intensive? : A Distortionary Tax ArgumentPoutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2005To Draft or Not to Draft? Efficiency, Generational Incidence, and Political Economy of Military ConscriptionPoutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2005To draft or not to draft? : Efficiency, generational incidence, and political economy of military conscriptionPoutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2006Military draft and economic growth in OECD countriesKeller, Katarina; Poutvaara, Panu; Wagener, Andreas
2007Tax competition with formula apportionment: the interaction between tax base and sharing mechanismKolmar, Martin; Wagener, Andreas
2008(Post-)materialist attitudes and the mix of capital and labour taxationKönig, Tobias; Wagener, Andreas