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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Aktuelle Entwicklungen im AußenhandelStöllinger, Roman; Wolfmayr, Yvonne
2013 State Aid and Export Competitiveness in the EUHolzner, Mario; Stöllinger, Roman
2013 A 'Manufacturing Imperative' in the EU – Europe's Position in Global Manufacturing and the Role of Industrial PolicyFoster-McGregor, Neil; Holzner, Mario; Landesmann, Michael; Pöschl, Johannes; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman
2013 International spillovers in a world of technology clubsStöllinger, Roman
2013 Positioning Austria in the Global Economy: Value Added Trade, International Production Sharing and Global LinkagesStehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman
2014 Aktuelle Entwicklungen im AußenhandelStöllinger, Roman; Wolfmayr, Yvonne
2015 Eine Anatomie des österreichischen Exportwachstums nach der KriseStöllinger, Roman
2015 Agglomeration and FDI: Bringing International Production Linkages into the PictureStöllinger, Roman
2015 The Central European Manufacturin Core: What is Driving Regional Production Sharing?Stehrer, Rober; Stöllinger, Roman
2016 The Evolving Composition of Intra-EU TradeLeitner, Sandra M.; Marcias, Manuel; Mirza, Daniel; Pindyuk, Olga; Siedschlag, Iulia; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman; Studnicka, Zuzanna
2016 Investitionen in Österreich: Entwicklungen, Ursachen, PolitikempfehlungenStöllinger, Roman
2016 Structural Change and Global Value Chains in the EUStöllinger, Roman
2016 The Future Development of EU Industry in a Global ContextLeitner, Sandra M.; Marcias, Manuel; Mirza, Daniel; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman
2017 The future development of EU exports in a global contextStehrer, Robert; Leitner, Sandra M.; Stöllinger, Roman
2017 Tradability of Output and the Current Account: An Empirical Investigation for EuropeStöllinger, Roman
2017 Global Value Chains and Structural UpgradingStöllinger, Roman
2017 Tradability Index: A Comprehensive Measure for the Tradability of OutputBykova, Alexandra; Stöllinger, Roman
2018 Structural Change, Trade and Global Production NetworksLandesmann, Michael; Stöllinger, Roman
2018 Austria's Economic Competitiveness in a Neighbourhood Context: Is Austria's Economy Locked-in to the CESEE Region?Ghodsi, Mahdi; Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Heimberger, Philipp; Holzner, Mario; Pindyuk, Olga; Stöllinger, Roman
2018 Global and Regional Value Chains: How Important, How Different?Hanzl-Weiss, Doris; Leitner, Sandra M.; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman