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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Risk in agriculture as impediment to rural lending: the case of North-Western KazakhstanPetrick, Martin; Ditges, C. Markus
2000 Land reform in Moldova: how viable are emerging peasant farms? An assessment referring to a recent World Bank studyPetrick, Martin
2001 Poland's agriculture: serious competitor or Europe's poorhouse? Survey results on farm performance in selected Polish voivodships and a comparison with German farmsPetrick, Martin
2001 Documentation of the Poland farm survey 2000Petrick, Martin
2002 Farm investment, credit rationing, and public credit policy in Poland: a microeconometric analysisPetrick, Martin
2003 Beiträge des Doktorandenworkshops zur Agrarentwicklung in Mittel- und Osteuropa 2003Petrick, Martin; Balmann, Alfons; Lissitsa, Alexej
2003 Empirical measurement of credit rationing in agriculture: a methodological surveyPetrick, Martin
2003 Credit access and borrowing costs in Poland's agricultural credit market: a hedonic pricing approachPetrick, Martin; Latruffe, Laure
2004 Beiträge des 2. Doktorandenworkshops zur Agrarentwicklung in Mittel- und Osteuropa 2004Petrick, Martin; Balmann, Alfons
2004 Can econometric analysis make (agricultural) economics a hard science? Critical remarks and implications for economic methodologyPetrick, Martin
2004 Governing structural change and externalities in agriculture: toward a normative institutional economics of rural developmentPetrick, Martin
2004 Competitiveness of milk and wine production and processing in AlbaniaPetrick, Martin; Schreiber, Catrin; Weingarten, Peter
2004 The role of agriculture in Central and Eastern European rural development: engine of change or social buffer?Petrick, Martin; Weingarten, Peter
2004 Credit rationing of Polish farm households: a theoretical and empirical analysisPetrick, Martin
2005 Beiträge des 3. Doktorandenworkshops zur Agrarentwicklung in Mittel- und Osteuropa 2005Curtiss, Jarmila; Petrick, Martin; Balmann, Alfons
2005 In search for rules that secure gains from cooperation: The heuristic value of social dilemmas for normative institutional economicsPetrick, Martin; Pies, Ingo
2007 Sustainable rural development: What is the role of the agri-food sector?Petrick, Martin; Buchenrieder, Gertrud
2008 The co-evolution semantics and policy paradigms: 50 years of Europe's common agricultural policyPetrick, Martin
2008 Causes and Consequences of Rising Food PricesErber, Georg; Petrick, Martin; von Schlippenbach, Vanessa
2008 Ursachen und Konsequenzen der steigenden NahrungsmittelpreiseErber, Georg; Petrick, Martin; von Schlippenbach, Vanessa