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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Modelling the Energy Demand of Households in a Combined Top Down/Bottom Up ApproachKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2008 Energy-Saving Technological Change and Household Energy Demand in the U.S.Kratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2009 Welfare Measures and Ecological Footprint as Spatial Sustainability IndicatorsKratena, Kurt; Streicher, Gerhard
2009 Ökonomische, technologische und soziodemographische Einflussfaktoren der EnergienachfrageKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2009 The Impact of Technological Change and Lifestyles on the Energy Demand of Households. A Combination of Aggregate and Individual Household AnalysisKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina; Wüger, Michael
2010 The Full Impact of Energy Efficiency on Households' Energy DemandKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2010 An Intertemporal Optimisation Model of Households in an E3-Model (Economy/Energy/Environment) FrameworkKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2010 CO2 Emissions Embodied in Austrian International TradeKratena, Kurt; Meyer, Ina
2012 Technological Change and Energy Demand in EuropeKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2014 Labour Market Policy and Environmental Fiscal Devaluation: A Cure for Spain in the Aftermath of the Great Recession?Kratena, Kurt; Sommer, Mark
2014 Model simulations of resource use scenarios for EuropeKratena, Kurt; Sommer, Mark
2014 Moving towards a new growth modelAiginger, Karl; Kratena, Kurt; Schratzenstaller, Margit; Weiss, Teresa
2014 Foundations for an ecological macroeconomics: Literature review and model developmentJackson, Tim; Drake, Ben; Victor, Peter; Kratena, Kurt; Sommer, Mark
2014 Policy implications of resource constraints on the European economyKratena, Kurt; Sommer, Mark
2015 Thematic report: Macroeconomic models including specifically social and environmental aspectsKratena, Kurt
2015 The Bias of Technological Change in EuropeVogel, Johanna; Kratena, Kurt; Hranyai, Kathrin
2016 The Carbon Footprint of European Households and Income DistributionSommer, Mark; Kratena, Kurt
2016 New Dynamics for Europe: Reaping the Benefits of Socio-ecological Transition. Synthesis Report Part II: Model and Area ChaptersBadinger, Harald; Bailey, David; De Propris, Lisa; Huber, Peter; Janger, Jürgen; Kratena, Kurt; Pitlik, Hans; Sauer, Thomas; Thillaye, Renaud; van den Bergh, Jeroen C. J. M.
2017 Fiscal policy multipliers and spillovers in a multi-regional macroeconomic input-output modelKratena, Kurt; Streicher, Gerhard
2018 CO2 tax scenarios for Austria: Impacts on household income groups, CO2 emissions, and the economyKirchner, Mathias; Sommer, Mark; Kettner-Marx, Claudia; Kletzan-Slamanig, Daniela; Köberl, Katharina; Kratena, Kurt