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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Conditional grants to independent regional governments: The trade-off between incentives and wasteful grant-seekingBischoff, Ivo; Blaeschke, Frédéric
2012 Window-dressing and lobbying in performance-budgeting: A model for the public sectorBischoff, Ivo; Blaeschke, Frédéric
2012 The tax and the mighty: Tax payer concentration lowers local business taxation in German MunicipalitiesBischoff, Ivo; Krabel, Stefan
2012 The neuroeconomics of voting: Neural evidence of different sources of utility in votingBischoff, Ivo; Neuhaus, Carolin; Trautner, Peter; Weber, Bernd
2013 Vertical Grants and Local Public EfficiencyBischoff, Ivo; Bönisch, Peter; Haug, Peter; Illy, Annette
2013 Incentives and influence activities in the public sector: The trade-off in performance budgeting and conditional grantsBischoff, Ivo; Blaeschke, Frédéric
2013 Motives of pro-social behavior in individual versus collective decisions: A comparative experimental studyBischoff, Ivo; Krauskopf, Thomas
2014 Vertical Grants and Local Public EfficiencyBischoff, Ivo; Bönisch, Peter; Haug, Peter; Illy, Annette
2015 Citizens' preferences for inter-municipal cooperation in rural areas: Evidence from a survey in three Hessian countiesBergholz, Christian; Bischoff, Ivo
2015 Policy preferences for inheritance taxationBischoff, Ivo; Kusa, Nataliya
2015 Determinants of local public expenditures on education: Empirical evidence for Indonesian districts between 2005 and 2012Bischoff, Ivo; Prasetyia, Ferry
2015 Feedback and emotions in the trust gameBischoff, Ivo; Ihtiyar, Özcan
2016 The political economy of EU-funds in Poland: Evidence for the period 2007-2013Banaszewska, Monika; Bischoff, Ivo
2016 Citizens' preferences for a tax exemption for caregiving heirs: An empirical analysisBischoff, Ivo; Kusa, Nataliya
2016 Should wealth transfers be taxed? Citizens' view on a fundamental questionBischoff, Ivo; Kusa, Nataliya
2016 Should there be a more active role of family care assistants in long-term care provision? Survey evidence on the view of German citizensBischoff, Ivo; Kusa, Nataliya
2016 Citizens' support for inter-municipal cooperation: Evidence from a survey in the German state of HesseBergholz, Christian; Bischoff, Ivo
2016 Local council members' view on inter-municipal cooperation: Does office-related self interest matter?Bergholz, Christian; Bischoff, Ivo
2016 Im Fokus: Interkommunale Kooperation ist deutlich im Kommen – Ergebnisse einer Kommunalbefragung des IWH und der Universität KasselRosenfeld, Martin T. W.; Bischoff, Ivo; Bergholz, C.; Melch, Simon; Haug, Peter; Blaeschke, F.
2017 Citizens' preferences for a tax exemption for caregivers in inheritance taxation: An empirical analysis using German survey dataBischoff, Ivo; Kusa, Nataliya