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2016Ride Your Luck! A Field Experiment on Lottery-based Incentives for ComplianceFabbri, Marco; Barbieri, Paolo Nicola; Bigoni, Maria
2016Unbundling Efficient Breach: An ExperimentBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Parisi, Francesco; Porat, Ariel
2017At the root of the North-South cooperation gap in Italy: Preferences or beliefs?Bigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Casari, Marco; Gambetta, Diego
2018A Tale of Two Cities: An Experiment on Inequality and PreferencesBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Rattini, Veronica
2019A tale of two cities: An experiment on inequality and preferencesBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Rattini, Veronica
2019Economic Polarization and Antisocial Behavior: An ExperimentBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Nas Özen, Efşan
2019Economic polarization and antisocial behavior: An experimentBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Nas Özen, Efşan
2021Estimating Time Preferences for LeisureBigoni, Maria; Dragone, Davide; Luchini, Stéphane; Prati, Alberto
2021How Property Shapes Distributional PreferencesFabbri, Marco; Bigoni, Maria
2021The Right Person for the Right Job: Workers' Prosociality as a Screening DeviceBigoni, Maria; Ploner, Matteo; Vu, Thi-Thanh-Tam
2021JESA in the time of COVIDBigoni, Maria; Engelmann, Dirk
2022It's Payback Time: New Insights on Cooperation in the Repeated Prisoners' DilemmaBigoni, Maria; Casari, Marco; Salvanti, Andrea; Skrzypacz, Andrzej; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2023A New Time-Use Diary App to Measure Parental InvestmentsBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Fort, Margherita; Guarini, Annalisa; Iorio, Daniela; Monfardini, Chiara; Sansavini, Alessandra; Sansone, Davide; Suttora, Chiara