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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Responses of Firms to Tax, Administrative and Accounting Rules: Evidence from ArmeniaAsatryan, Zareh; Peichl, Andreas
2017 Making the most of the European Fiscal BoardAsatryan, Zareh; Debrun, Xavier; Heinemann, Friedrich; Horvath, Michal; Ódor, Ľudovít; Yeter, Mustafa
2017 Balanced budget rules and fiscal outcomes: Evidence from historical constitutionsAsatryan, Zareh; Castellón, Cesar; Stratmann, Thomas
2018 Which Role for a European Minister of Economy and Finance in a European Fiscal Union?Asatryan, Zareh; Debrun, Xavier; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kocher, Martin G.; Tamborini, Roberto
2019 Nudging for tax compliance: A meta-analysisAntinyan, Armenak; Asatryan, Zareh
2019 Biases in fiscal multiplier estimatesAsatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich; Nover, Justus
2019 The political economy of multilateral lending to European regionsAsatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika
2020 Austerity and distributional policyAlpino, Matteo; Asatryan, Zareh; Blesse, Sebastian; Wehrhöfer, Nils
2020 The incidence of VAT evasionAsatryan, Zareh; Gomtsyan, David
2020 The Political Economy of Multilateral Lending to European RegionsAsatryan, Zareh; Havlik, Annika
2020 Nudging for Tax Compliance: A Meta-AnalysisAntinyan, Armenak; Asatryan, Zareh
2020 The Incidence of VAT EvasionAsatryan, Zareh; Gomtsyan, David
2020 Austerity and Distributional PolicyAlpino, Matteo; Asatryan, Zareh; Blesse, Sebastian; Wehrhöfer, Nils
2021 Taxes and business philanthropy in ArmeniaAsatryan, Zareh; Joulfaian, David
2021 Regional redistribution of mineral resource wealth in AfricaAsatryan, Zareh; Baskaran, Thushyanthan; Birkholz, Carlo; Hufschmidt, Patrick
2021 Favoritism and firms: Micro evidence and macro implicationsAsatryan, Zareh; Baskaran, Thushyanthan; Birkholz, Carlo; Gomtsyan, David
2021 Regional favoritism and human capital accumulation in AfricaAsatryan, Zareh; Baskaran, Thushyanthan; Hufschmidt, Patrick; Stöcker, Alexander